Jamaican Patties at Grace Ottawa
Jamaican Patties at Grace Ottawa
Jamaican Patties at Grace Ottawa
Jamaican Patties at Manotick Village Butcher
Where to get Jamaican Patties

2008 Jun 29
I asked my colleague (who was from Trinidad) where to buy Jamaican Patties. She told me that Mugena has the authentic Jamaican Patties (from Toronto). They have beef patties, curry goat patties, callaloo (spinach) and cod fish patties, vegetable patties, soya patties, chicken patties etc. I was warned that the patties there are very spicy.

Anyone tries their patties?



2013 Apr 21
cross section - a little light on the filling but the solid pastry crust makes up for it

2013 Apr 21

2013 Apr 21
the reheated patties they sell at the counter for ~$1.25 are George's Tastee brand based in Markham (www.georgestastee.ca). you can also buy a box of frozen par-baked patties for ~$8.50/dozen.

Tastee's filling is a little sparser than Patty King brand (available in most major grocery stores) but the pastry is far, far superior. if you're a fan of heat i'd recommend the extra spicy as the 'regular' spicy (pictured herein) is fairly tame on the scoville scale.

2009 Apr 23
Toronto made but still prettydemn good

can get ready to go (beef reg, beef spicy and chicken flavas) available during and around the lunch hour (hint: if there is no water in the tin at the bottom of the display case, pass)

and available frozen at a whopping price of 7.99 a dz in the freezer case


2010 Jul 19
Today was our second time getting Jamaican Patties from the Piggy market, but I forgot to review last time. Both times, we had the beef ones, and both times, they were fantastic! Nice and crisp on the outside, bursting with juicy meat on the inside. They have a good kick, but not so much that you can't taste anything else. make sure you get there right at 2:30, or even a bit earlier though, because they go quickly! We will definitely be back!

2009 Dec 11
Absolutely astounding, they are expensive at $3 each but they are worth evey penny. They sold veggie (potato and kale), beef and chicken varieties and the flavours present are both rich and delicate. The pastry is flaky rather then greasy and they things microwave like a dream.

I heartely recomend, at least assuming that one can find the things. They are unfortnunatly only present periodically so grab them when you see them.

2009 Oct 27
My dad has been looking for decent Jamaican patties in this city for years, and based on your recommendation he went to The Piggy Market to buy some. All I can say is THANK YOU! These are honestly the best Jamaican patties we've ever had, and we're from Toronto, so that says a lot! The beef was fabulous, great quality meat, nicely spiced. The pastry was flaky and delicious. We also tried the calaloo and the chicken. I thought the chicken would have been ground, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find shredded chicken breast inside with a nice mild curry sauce. Overall, if you have a craving for a Jamaican patty skip the ones at Grace Ottawa and head on over to The Piggy Market....you won't be disappointed : )

2009 Sep 23
I had the ja' patties from the Piggy Market tonight, got one of each: beef and callaloo. Delicious! Pastry from scratch, the callaloo had a bit of heat, the beef was seasoned nicely. It went well with my fresh tomato salad which I seasoned with some Walkerswood jerk seasoning. Amazing! At $3 a piece, they are more expensive than most places, but I feel the quality justifies the price. I was told that they will be available every Wednesday and Friday. Delish!


2011 Jun 19
They make awesome Jamaican beef patties at MVB. The filling is medium spicy and the dough is amazing,it's not that generic chemical yellow stuff we have come accustom to but a tender moist bodied dough so rich and tasty. It must be the butter.