Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse
Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse
Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse
Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse
Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse
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2012 Sep 28
Had lunch at Grounded yesterday. Very good. I am very impressed by the concept and quality. As I am not downtown very often it will be a while before I get back there but I will definately try the coffee.

2012 Feb 27
I've gone to Grounded many times since it opened and have never had a bad meal. I usually go for lunch and have one of their sandwiches and a salad or soup. Their stuff is delicious. Went a couple of weeks ago and had their sandwich special which was scallops and shrimp, if I remember correctly; wasn't too sure if it would be good on a sandwich but I was wowed - it was delicious. The place can get really crowded and sometimes you have to wait for a table but it is worth it.

2011 Sep 5
This place is both close by my work and home. I typically go in for a coffee and breakfast when I need something quick (though the coffee is still not as good as Happy Goat but it is locally roasted).

Amir (part owner) is a real down to earth guy. I remember talking to him a bit the first couple of times I was in and he remembered my name the next time I showed up and since always makes conversation with me even when its real busy.

I've only eaten lunch here once but value for money downtown, I think it's one of the better options. Had a soup and sandwich for around $10. Can't beat that price.

I am planning to try them out for an evening meal as well as they now have a dinner menu (smaller plates) and are fully licensed as well.

For those of you working downtown, give this place a go.

2011 Mar 1
I've been living in Ottawa for the past 4 years, and Grounded will definitely be my signature coffee spot.

I went there for a tea tasting hosted by the owner, and was dumbfounded by the amount of knowledge and passion the owner has of the history and culture of tea. The staff was very warm and welcoming, and very open to answering all of my questions regarding the different types of teas and how to properly prepare it.

He has another tea store down the street called "Shanti tea" where you can purchase up to 500 different types of tea.

Definitely worth checking out!

2010 Dec 22
been there off and on since it opened, mainly coffee in the morning. excellent service, really nice people, i dont know why i dont go there more often. usually go to bridgehead, think i'll switch and support someone smaller. had lunch today, excellent as well, lentil soup and a Calabrese panini (spicy) $10. both were excellent, well prepared and served. really hope this place makes it thru the winter.

2010 Sep 14
On a cold rainy day last week I dropped in with an out of town friend for a coffee.

There was a different server at the espresso machine and the coffee was very good - as good as I have gotten in Ottawa - what a pleasant surprise!

My disaster coffee a few weeks ago was made by a young man and the good one last week by a young lady. Women baristas are up 1 to 0.

2010 Aug 25
Yes that was a typo, I meant tamp, tamping with a tamper. The tamp will have an impact on the density of the taste - i.e. the strength of the coffee. I was not talking about the density of the coffee itself.

I know the tamp was terrible - as he did it in mid air while talking to me. It is also possible that the grind was not properly set as well. I have no idea how long of a pull he made and how much coffee he produced, but it was bitter.

Sorry for the confusion.

2010 Aug 25
Mybluestar, do you mean pulling as in who is in control of the milk? Because, you do realize that pulling the shots has no impact on the density of the cappuccino (unless the shot is pulled long). I'm also confused about what you mean by "tap" you mean tamp, like to press down on the espresso with a tamper?

2010 Aug 25
Picked up a cappuccino to go the other day hoping to find something downtown better than Bridgehead, which is inconsistent, either excellent or really light, depending who is doing the pulling.

The service was really friendly and the place does look great. Unfortuneatly it was one of the poorest cappuccinos that I have had. From what I saw, he did not properly tap the coffee down let alone do a final polish. The milk was over heated (almost cooked) and the foam was really dry. I did not see what the shot looked like but the coffee had a very bitter taste, almost as if they have too much robusto in their blend. The end result was a bitter, flat tasting coffee. Sigh.

2010 Aug 25
Had a soup and salad combo for lunch today, which came to $8 flat.
The soup was a pretty typical Butternut Squash, with a hint of cinnamon, and it was still piping hot when I returned to the office. Delicious.
On the side, I had a mix of two prepared salads, a greek salad (featuring tomatoes worth writing home about) and a bean-brocolli-cauliflower concoction. Both were good.
Also, I'd like to mention how friendly their staff was. Every person I interacted with was extremely welcoming. It's a bit of a cafeteria kind of place, but the atmosphere, service and my first impression of the food ensures I will be back. I can't wait to try their coffee.