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2014 Apr 11
Thanks very much The Table for your generous donation to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser.

2010 Feb 17
table vs green door

- table is more expensive, but the ambience is also more upscale
- table seems more courteous
- green door always has soup to offer
- personally find table's selections more interesting (tofu/bean loaf, pumpkin-almond butter-pie, fresh dates/nuts to do what you want) although both have very similar offerings (pretty much the exact avocado salad, for one)
- table prices desserts on weight, rather than per piece

i like both, and will continue going to both, but prefer The Table.

The Table has soup, it's on the other side of the cash, opposite of the desserts. oops!

2010 Jan 1
This is my favourite restaurant! I prefer it to the very similar restaurant Green Door. I like the ambiance better. The buffet style isn't very romantic, but the food is dependably fresh and tasty. I love their signature onion relish!

2008 Feb 9
I like this restaurant quite a lot. It's similar to the Green Door on Main Street, but a little pricier. Overall I prefer the Green Door, which is my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Ottawa.

2007 Dec 12
This place for veggies is like Macedees for fat people. I love it. I can eat there all day long every day.

I'd agree with others though - dishes are too salty to make up for the bland taste and are always barely warm. I got used to the warm part, but salt concerns me.

If the owners are reading this - PLEASE REDUCE THE SALT.

2007 Dec 12
Personally, I was disappointed with the food. I found most dishes terribly salty and lukewarm temperatures did not hold much appeal. The staff also seemed a little blase about our presence. For the money, I'd opt to go elsewhere, but I can see how a place like this might be well suited to someone following a strict vegetarian diet.

2007 Aug 6
Oh, did I forget to mention the indulgent (yet veggie) desserts?

2007 Aug 6
I have a confession: when I go out to eat, I like to eat foods that I usually don't / can't make at home, and foods that aren't all that good for me. Visiting the Table is like going to a family potluck, only all the dishes are vegetarian.

I like the variety. I like the "choose what you want to eat" option, so no two meals are exactly the same. The food is fresh, most of the veggies are local, the coffee is good. The staff is friendly yet unobtrusive, and I like how one particular cashier / employee double-stamps my stamp card.

The ever-changing art on the walls definitely adds to the charm of the place.

Plus my meat-n-potatoes father actually likes this place!

Once the new GCTC opens across the street, this place is going to be packed.

Cons: No liquor license.

2007 Mar 18
Since my husband has decided to try out vegetarianism (and I only eat meat about once a week anyways) we decided to try out a totally vegetarian restaurant last Friday.

First we tried Perfection, Satisfaction, Promise but the 4 tables were all full and we didn't feel like getting takeout. Then we went to the green door because it was relatively near by...also full.

We finally found a couple seats at the table. We found the prices to be rather reasonable. We each grabbed little bits of many things to try. I have to agree with kmennie, I like my warm dishes to actually be warm...but they were still good.

I would say that this place is pretty good but not excellent but my husband said he would eat there for every meal...maybe it's because we chose different foods...

2007 Feb 20
I lived around the corner from the Table for about a year and was a regular during that time.

I would have to say that I prefer the Table to the Green Door. I love that the focus on the hot buffet is "complete" dishes with a few side dishes. There are usually a tofu and broccoli stir-fry (excellent), veggie cutlets, a couple of curries, a chili as well as a couple of vegetable side dishes.

My favourites are the tofu and broccoli stir-fry, beet salad, seaweed salad, tofu balls, and chocolate raspberry cake (definitely save room for the cake).

I always find the staff and owner to be helpful and courteous.