Tags: Dessert
Ice cream with various toppings, served in a bowl or similar dish, often with toppings like chocolate sauce or nuts.

Sundae at La Crémière
Where to get Sundae


2016 Sep 2
Amazing soft-serve makes for amazing sundaes. I asked for a caramel sundae topped with peanuts. Can't remember the price exactly but it was totally worth it! 😋🍦

2010 Apr 12
Had the boys here the other day for a sundae - but I learned last time around that even their small ones are enormous so I got the boys to agree on something and got one with 2 spoons so they could split it. They managed to polish it off - and loved every mouthful.

2009 Sep 19
There is a huge selection of ice cream flavours to choose from, with options for different nuts, chocolate or butterscotch sauce, and whipped cream with a cherry. The boys both had the small sundae and it was pretty huge for 5 and 7 year olds. In fact, for a dessert after a meal it is pretty big for an adult too! It had to have been 500ml or more ice cream - real ice cream not the soft serve stuff. And not outrageously expensive either.