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2014 Aug 16
Was invited out to a friends last evening for supper. He got YKO chicken takeout. This is some really tasty chicken. Even after the long drive out to Stittsville and warming in the oven for two hours this chicken was still moist. He got spicy and it was just hot enough, flavors were great. Charcoal BBQ expertly done. Now just to figure out his rub to try and duplicate at home.

2014 Jul 12
Fortuity is finding $20 in the car and dropping $15 plus tax on this delicious chicken. I ordered a full spicy chicken and it was charcoaly goodness with a bit of a kick. Not very spicy but quite delicious.

2011 Jul 7
Contrary to my last YKO experience, tonight's was thumbs up all the way!

I got a whole chicken with a side of plantain. Mmmmmmmmm delish.

The chicken was bbq-d perfectly and the spice rub ... wow! Great kick but not too spicy as to not be able to enjoy it. Even as I type, my lips are buzzing with heated delight.

It was finger-lick'in all the way. I see no use for utensils with YKO whatsoever.

2011 Feb 11
Oh Boy, YRE’s Chicken is BACK! And I am delighted that they have improved almost everything about the business. First I will say that the new location is clean and modestly decorated – which is a far cry from what YRE’s used to be. Also, in the past - I remember at YRE’s - the fellow making the chicken would handle chickens, get his hands all greasy and then handle money and take your change and such – definitely a huge sanitation turn off. The old guy also didn’t speak English very well either – not that it is a big problem. All the above mentioned faults present at the old YRE’s are moot because the chicken is so good that it doesn’t matter. YKO has fixed these qualms! At YKO last night, there was a nicely dressed young woman, who spoke perfect English at the front of the restaurant. I could see into the kitchen – which was very clean – there was a chef dressed in full chef costume.

YKO has no visible or paper based menu. You can choose: ¼ chicken, ½ chicken or a whole chicken with your choice of side(s): cassava, plantain or rice. When I asked for a menu the girl just said, “it’s very simple”, and recited the above. According to the article I posted yesterday however, apparently they have tilapia as well, but they didn’t mention it.

There are about 6 tables inside the restaurant, although I wouldn’t recommend eating in. It’s primarily a take out place. The reason I say this is because you would be eating with people standing around you - since they are waiting for their take out.

I went for the whole chicken (thinking that I would have an amazing sandwich for lunch today) – and yes I already knew they were small chickens. As a side I tried the cassava. I have very little experience with cassava and thus I thought I’d give it a try. The only time I have eaten cassava (or Yucca) was with my farmer friends in Cuba.

To sum up the meal, it was excellent in every way. The chicken was just as I remembered it. It was really tasty, full of robust charcoal flavour, moist enough (although I did walk aprox. 4 Km in the cold after picking it up – so this might have leeched some moisture), and surprisingly meaty for a small chicken. I recommend calling ahead before you arrive, since it takes about 25 minutes for a full chicken (even though the girl said 10 minutes). I wasn’t in a rush so there was no problem for me, but I did see another guy get pretty irate because he called ahead of time and he still had to wait. So be careful. As for my hopes of a chicken sandwich for lunch? Not a chance. My girlfriend and I polished off the whole chicken, making sure along the way to salvage as much charcoaly goodness as possible.

I’m sorry to hear that some of you were disappointed with your chicken. For me it was the same amazing chicken that YRE’s used to serve (even though I have only had the old YRE’s once before). It is a little expensive at 16$ for a small chicken especially when one can buy a much bigger chicken at Loblaw’s for 8 or 9. Its a special chicken at YKO though, so trust me. And by special I mean amazing, so it is worth it.

2011 Feb 11
The yucca was interesting. Almost like rice or couscous but it had a bit of a sour taste to it. I would liken the sourness to Injra bread which is a staple in Ethiopian cuisine. Yes, I know the Ivory Coast is on the other side of the continent, but the sour starchy flavour seems to be common thread in some types of African food. On its own, the yucca was interesting but rather bland. YKO doesn’t leave you out on your own since they provide you with some amazing salsa/brucettta and a spice mix (which seemed like a club house mix, but much hotter). Now, I’m not sure if this was for the chicken or the yucca, but since the chicken already has more than enough flavour (and then some), it was only logical to spread the salsa stuff on my yucca. Believe it or not, it was ridiculously tasty, so much so, that I would easily just stop in and pick up the yucca on its own.

I did a little research and apparently yucca contains cyanide and must be processed a certain way or one can get sick. I didn’t get sick, thus YKO’s yucca is legit. Then again, one needs to eat unprocessed yucca for months before you get really sick, so I guess I wouldn’t have gotten sick anyway.

2011 Feb 11
The chicken and the side came to 22 dollars flat. They don’t have debit so bring cash (I knew this from the old YRE’s). Also, I paid with a 20 and a 5 and they didn’t have change. They didn’t tell me that, but I could see the poor girls running around in the back looking for some. They asked the chef and they were digging in their purses until I finally I saw a girl bolt out of the restaurant and return a minute later. None of this bothered me. It is new place and – as my foodie colleagues below have already said – they are still working out the kinks.

If you are ever sitting around on a Friday and are thinking about takeout, try YKO. It is some of the best chicken you can find anywhere. And if you are a chicken lover, you are in for treat – because it’s a mean charcoal chicken let me tell you.


2011 Feb 10

Article on YKO,

I know what I'm having for dinner, I'll report back here with pictures.

2011 Jan 8
I'm afraid my experience at the new location was not fantastic.

I LOVED the chicken at Yre but the chicken I had last night was far from the mouth-watering delight I had before.

I have been eagerly waiting for the opening and couldn't wait to pop their gorgeous spiced chicken into my mouth.

Alas, what I had last night couldn't begin to hold a candle to the chicken from before. I wish my experience was like DrZee but it disappointingly was not.

2011 Jan 3
Yes, YKO is YRE's chicken.
The name comes from their daughter's initials, now changed to reflect their two (three?) daughter's initials.

Tried the chicken and it is still fantastic. They still have work to do, getting tables in for dine-in as well as take out, and finishing their brick-built charcoal fire pit. For now they are still using a portable metal stand-up (as seen in some steak places).

This place is a real Ottawa gem.

2010 Dec 23
Do we know for certain that Yko is Yre?

I dearly hope so - that chicken is like crack. And the plantain a high addictive synthetic form of crack.

Which is appropriate consider the old location sort of looked like a crack house, but i digress...



2008 Feb 10
This place is exactly what one craves in the winter. A delicious, char-grilled whole chicken with a side order of plantains. Unpretentious delectable food.
Just walking into this place, you know the chicken will be great - the inviting smell that lingers is enough to make you return.
I ordered ahead and my chicken was ready to go when I arrived. Note: they accept cash only.

2007 Dec 12
The chicken is unreal. Cooked perfectly, and the jerk spice is just right for heat and taste. You can get them to crank up the heat if you want it.

The couscous is ok, and the fried plantain are delicious. I have had some issues getting food in a timely manner, calling ahead and then sitting around for about 30 minuites... and i have trouble communicating with the staff, (i dont speak french) but with the help of some pointing and gesturing i was fine. Great stuff. Cooked over REAL charcoal


2009 Jul 12
best spicy fried plaintain you can find in an Ottawa restaurant...guaranteed.