Schwartz's Style Smoked Meat in Ottawa? [Food/Vendor]

2016 Aug 28

Does anyone know which restaurant in Ottawa has smoked meat that falls in the same spectrum as Schwartz's? Schwartz's smoked meat is a bit drier, more steak-y and solid - but the ones I have had in Ottawa are moist, and taste like Ham more or less (I have tried Dunn's near City Hall and Merivale and Nate's). I can vouch for this "difference" because I still had a few slices of Schwartz's in my fridge when I bought some the first time. The ones from Schwartz's had a rough, solid looking, deep red texture while the ones I have tried so far are pink and moist.

To demonstrate, here are two pictures.

Here is a recent picture of Schwartz's
And one from Nate's:

2016 Aug 30
Costco at Hunclub and Merivale carries it all the time. I bought some yesterday. All you need is a steamer, sharp knife and some Rideau Bakery rye bread and you can rival anyplace in Ottawa that serves smoked meat sandwiches.

2016 Sep 5
Well, the default for the sandwich is medium, as far as I know at least. I was there last on last long weekend, just a month ago and that was still great. My guess is they are starting to let go.

But the plus in all of this is the IGA variant produces great results and saves me a trip :)