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Made In Canada bills itself as a restaurant/whisky bar. It serves food with a Canadian twist as well as a large selection of Canadian Whiskies and Wines. There are a few main sections in the restaurant, including an indoor log cabin.

M.I.C. Eatery and Whisky Bar
Foods from M.I.C. Eatery and Whisky Bar

2012 Feb 14
Can't say I am sad the food here was below average pub food.

2012 Feb 13
That didn't take long.
Unfortunate. It was a nice place. The food was pub grub standard but it was a nice place for a beer.

2012 Feb 11
Is this place still open? I drove by one night last week and all the lights were off.

Note in the window and chains on the interior doors are never a good sign.

2011 Sep 5
I would not recommend this restaurant. I went here recently with my wife and four year old son. The adults ordered wings, potato skins, ceasar salad and fries. We sent back the potato skins and the ceasar salad.

The skins were overly dry and lacking flavor. The salad was very bland. The wings were over fried almost like jerky.

After sending back 2 out of four dishes the server sent the manager to talk to us. He asked us what was wrong with the dishes, we told that very tasteless. He commented that they were "favorites" and that our "TASTE BUDS MUST BE OFF"

2011 Jul 21
awful. flat beau's. frozen french fries. weirdly sweet dressing on the coleslaw which is served ina stale tortilla cup. there are no vegetarian mains (except overcooked tortellini). slow service. poor acoustics (we were sitting in the log cabin). our meal took 2+ hours, and 30 of that was waiting for our bill. we found our waitress at the bar and she apologized for the long wait by saying they didn't have any billfolds to put the bill in, so she was just waiting for one - the place was 3/4 empty...

also, too many tvs. is it a sports bar or a canadian pub?

will not be back.

2011 Jun 2
Very good place. I had the chili which was topped with a generous, thick 3-cheese blend. The chili was mostly beef, great balance between sweet and spice. Cold Beau's on tap.

My friends' meals looked very good too, fish and chips, burger-fries, poutine, etc. Very good service, too.

I agree with the previous poster. If a big group, avoid the closed party room. Cold lighting, bad acoustics. The rest of the place had lots of natural light, and a great woody smell like a cottage in the woods. Small patio too up front.

Will definitely go back soon.

2011 May 30
Last week, on a friday night, my parents and I went out for an old family tradition that we haven't done since I moved out year ago, friday night supper. We decided to try out this new resteraunt, and we decided that we must come back as soon as we can.

The decor was neat in quirky Canadian way. The walls were decorated with pictures of famous Canadians, as well as biographic stories of them. There was a log cabin on the inside.

For dinner, my father ordered the BBQ burger, while my mother and I consumed the ribs. She had their Whisky sauce, while I had the standard sauce. They smoke the ribs in a unique way, and I'm not ashamed to say it was some of the best ribs I've ever had. Smoky flavour, yet juicy on the inside. I prefered the Whisky sauce, and I'm gonna see if I can get a bottle to take home next time I go.

For dessert, I had a nanimo bar. Now, it was thick and rich and delicious was huge! I couldn't finish it! (My roomate ended up eating it).

The one bad thing is that the party room has bad accoustics that projects loudly out into a section of the dinning room. And the room was being used for a bad karokee party. Fortunatly, our server moved us immediately. All I can suggest is request not to be seated in front of it.

2011 Apr 15
I was truly hoping this place would offer a good eating experience and something different to our city. I was very disappointed. On the positive side they have Beau's on draft. Now to the food. I ordered the steak sandwich. How hard is it to get that wrong well not very. The steak itself was a MacDonald's style patty of beef with absolutely no flavor no seasoning or grill marks detectable. The onions it came with were still saturated with moisture due to not being cooked properly and the bun a plain supper roll. One redeeming thing were the fries. On to my wifes rib combo. They advertise smoked ribs yet the absence of any pink smoke ring leads me to believe they are not really smoked ribs. I was tempted to walk into the kitchen to see if there was actually a smoker because walking up to the place I sure could not smell or see any smoke must be a good exhaust fan. The ribs themselves were basted in a generic BBQ sauce and had no texture to them at all again resembling something from a package or pre cooked and shipped to the restaurant. The wings were no better lightly coated with a Durkee like flavor but seemed they had been sitting for a while due to the lack of crispness. Salads were fresh but the dressing a vinegrette had no tang to it and tasted a little to green and sweet a Farmboy bottled dressing would have been a much better choice. This place is a sports bar with average to below average food not really worth the $60 for two drinks and two entrées.


2011 Jul 18
Went out there on Sunday for a weekend brunch with my folks. We went around 1 o'clock, and got served immediately. I found the coffee good, but that's not why you're reading this (Actually, why are you reading this? I'm not as funny as others, and there are no nice pictures).

I had a debate between the hungry man (3 eggs, 5 slices of bacon, 3 slices of toast, a pile of homefires) and what they termed the breakfast poutine (Hollandaise sauce with cheese over homefries, with bacon). I went with the hungry man. My parents settled on the saner two eggs. All of us different types of eggs (Scrambled, over-easy, sunny-side up) and the three different meats(Ham, Sausage and Bacon). All of them turned out good. My Dad enjoyed his sausages, my mom devoured the bacon, and I found the ham perfect.

Their homefries were seasoned with what appeared to be a mixture of cornmeal and seasalt. It added a nice touch to the fries, and I enjoyed it. I suggest that if you want a nice brunch, give them a try.