A Summer Refresher, the perfect combination of tart & sweet.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade at LeRoy's
Where to get Fresh Squeezed Lemonade



2010 Apr 17
This is very much like that refreshing stuff you get from hawkers in the lemon-shaped stands on Canada Day. I liked it but as people say, it is not at all sour.

2010 Apr 10
the lemonade, however delicious, is for the sourwusses, rather than the sourpusses. it's quite tasty, but didn't have the bite that i look for in lemonade, even after squeezing what i could from the three lemon slices trapped inside.

2009 Aug 26
I really liked it because of the lack of sour and just a little bit sweet. My SO prefers a tart lemonade so she found this a bit watery.

2009 Apr 8
A big jar of lemons on the counter. And a whole lot of lemons in the lemonade. Freshly Squeezed and perfectly balanced (not too sweet, sour or tart)Ö great anytime of year, but Iím sure it will be sold by the gallons on a hot summer day.

2011 Feb 8
I had their lemonade in the summer and it was fabulous! Tasted freshly squeezed and had the perfect ratio of sweet - sour.

When summer returns (summer, remember?) I recommend you give it a try.

2011 Jun 21
typicallydia: Can you comment on how much a glass costs? Too pricey for one person might be the right amount for another, if it actually tastes perfect...

2011 Jun 21
Far too pricey for what you know is simple syrup, water an a lemon or two. However, it tastes perfect.