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2018 Dec 19
Stopped in to have a coffee and toasted bagel at the Bank/Sunnyside location. The brewed coffees were a dark something and a medium roasted Guatemalan and I went with the medium. It was fruity and bright, just like my home-roasted. Yummy! And the buttered bagel was excellent. 👍

2018 Dec 8
Weird experience reported to me by a family member who went to get some beans from the Laurel (original roastery) location today.

They went in and found it was cash only because their machines were down and was directed to the ATM (this is fine, it happens). But upon return, they were told that they only had large bags of beans and when asked when they were roasted, they told them that they are over a month old?! So they directed them to another retailer for small bags of more freshly roasted beans from their own company.

Sorry, I'm just posting this because I am kind of dumbfouned at the logistics here. The only logical explanation I have is that these days the cafés aren't doing much whole bean sales compared to retailers and they are more for display?

I guess they don't have freshly roasted beans in buckets anymore. The days are long gone where I could walk in and the previous owner would make me a fresh bag of any bean of my choice :(

2015 Mar 13
Happy Goat initially printed only the roast date on the front of the packages.

They later changed to stamping only a best before date on the back of the package, and I guess they now print both on the back.

There are lots of schools of thought on when roasted coffee beans peak, and how long they stay "fresh" for, but most quality roasters suggest that freshly roasted beans should be used within a month of roasting.

2015 Mar 13
Well I didn't post my comment on Happy Goat after only seeing it only once. I saw it a couple of months ago and then again at Whole Foods on the day that I posted my comment. I was hoping it was just an 'oops' the first time. Sounds like they might need to work on their quality control regarding their packaging. The entire shelf at Whole Foods didn't have the roasted date, I checked quite a few packages.

2015 Mar 13
Went to the source to see what's up with the labelling of a coffee from a company I have grown to like.
Here is a scan from the back of a 1/2lb. package of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.
It clearly shows both roast date and best before date.
The nice lady at the counter says all the bags should carry both dates. Any that don't are an "oops".

(I removed my heart vote from the previous Happy Goat comment. ottawafoodies.com)

2015 Mar 9
I'm disappointed that they are now only labelling their packages with a 'Best Before' date rather than the date that the beans were roasted on. You might be able to reverse engineer the date if you knew how many months they choose as the shelf life, but I'm not sure why you should have to do that. I'd expect that if I'm buying Maxwell House, but not a premium artisan product. If beans that are brought in to Ottawa from Vancouver and Chicago can have the roasting date, then a local product should have it too.

2014 Feb 26
Happened to drop by on Tuesday for a cuppa and some beans, and luckily Hans was roasting. Got a brief education on beans, temperature, timing, and a host of other things. Hans coaxes flavour by varying the roast temperature during the process and judging by the colour, length of roast. I almost liken it to making wine but in a 10 minute process where the whole harvest can end up in the trash if you over-cook by 10 seconds.

Got a LB of Ethiopian yirgacheffe which I brewed using a Melitta filter system. Man is that one fine cup of coffee, drinking it within one day of roasting!!

2014 Feb 10
Thirded. Great bean.

2014 Feb 8
I second the high praise for Happy Goat coffee! Smooth and delicious.

2014 Feb 7
My new fave place for latte is Bread By Us, and lookee here, they are using Happy Goat beans, roasted by the mad scientist Hans. It is a NICE cuppa.

Also, Art-is-in is currently testing the same bean. Next time you're there, ask about the bean they are using and give HG a fair taste test. Methinks you might bang your knees jumping on the bandwagon.

PS, HG is selling Sumatran Blue Batak Peaberry beans from the volcanic area around Lake Toba. This is a rare treat, and if you're a fan of a light roast with strong florals and slightly herbal taste, this Peaberry is unbelievably delicate and flavourful. Enjoy





2015 Aug 18
I've been seriously loving the Happy Goat Espresso Dolce coffee beans I purchased after a recommendation by Sarah of Bread By Us.

After seven years of enjoying my own home-roasted coffee beans, this product has convinced me that it's no longer worth the time and effort. Sure, they cost double what my green beans did, but the result is noticeably superior.

2011 Mar 6
The promise on the Happy Goat website is this : "I will only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to my customers, so they may enjoy coffee at its peak of freshness and flavour. I will only use the finest organic, and pesticide-free, fair trade coffee.”

It is pretty difficult to get any fresher than that!


2011 Dec 19
I picked up some Ethiopian coffee yesterday at the market and enjoyed it very much this morning for breakfast.