Amateur Food Porn [General]

2012 Jul 19
There already is a topic called "Food Porn" here (Forum - food porn), but I'm starting one called "Amateur Food Porn". It's different from the one called just "Food Porn".

Let's define Amateur Food Porn as pictures (or videos) taken by ourselves of our own foodie creations, and not what we a see in restaurants etc. (Some OF foodies already do that in the Buzz section.)

And lets' say the photographer can be pro but ... please NO
- preping the food for the shot e.g. misting, fake steam, wax sprays etc
- no photoshoping ... lets' keep it raw (like real amateur porn)

Here is my first entry.

Stirfry Szechwan beef with mixed vegatbles and black bean (四川牛肉豉混合蔬菜)

2013 Feb 7
Tried my hand at pizza again, after many years. Dry yeast didn't want to cooperate, took three tries and was still unsatisfactory.

Margherita try. Had bought a stone, but not flouring the pan I built the pizza on meant I had to cook it on there instead. Sauce was reduced Aurora diced tomatoes, and Italian buffalo mozzarella. Tasted nice enough.

2014 Jan 26
factoid: Buddha's hand is a traditional material used in Ikebana (Japanese floral arranging). I would use the wide open one pictured, as it has more of a "floral" appeal, but as a religious offering, the ones that look more like closed hands are preferable.