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2011 Jan 27
I had lunch at New Generation this week. Compared with other sushi I have tried in the city, it was not good. (My favourite used to be Maru on Rideau, but they no longer serve sushi). I had the spicy salmon roll and sweet potato roll. The spicy salmon had very little salmon, a lot of tempura flakes, and was overall on the small side. The sweet potato tempura was definitely not fresh... probably fried a while back. And worst of all, the soy sauce was completely (really) tasteless. I will definitely be making the trek over to Tokyo Sushi for my next sushi lunch.

2011 Jan 8
I had lunch at NewGen this week. After several recent disappointing misses with other frequented restaurants, I was pleased that NewGen still ranks high in my books.

I had the seaweed salad, Dynamite and Salmon Skin rolls. All yummy.

2009 Dec 22
New Generation Sushi is awesome and delicious. So far in the region I've eaten at Sushi Shop, Genji, MHK, Sushi 88, Ichibei, Sakura and Suisha Gardens - but New Generation remains my favourite for sushi.

However, I haven't eaten there in the past two months because they aren't open on weekends, which seems to be the time of week that most of my sushi loving friends are available.

I would also recommend their desert sushi, made out of fresh fruit and cocoa crispies with what appears to be some kind of tofu wrapper instead of seaweed. It has honey as a dipping sauce and is really yummy.

2009 Nov 28
I tried to go here with a friend for dinner last weekend. I was looking forward to trying a new sushi place, as we weren't up for spending the cash to go to Genji.

They are not open on weekends (not even for dinner), no website, no hours on the door and no phone message. It's too bad they cater to those that work downtown and not those that actually live and play downtown too.

2009 Jul 14
I can't believe it took me so long to write up my review of New Generation Sushi, seeing as it was the best sushi I have had in my life (without exaggeration).

My girlfriend knows the owner and tries to come by when he is working the dinner shift. She has an arrangement which is akin to the Chef's choice, but open ended and more innovative. He had us as a lower priority then the usual customers, but took his time and care on the creative dishes. We began with the seaweed salad, absolutely stunning especially compared to the poor immitations from AYCE restos. We then had 5 different rolls of Sushi, varied in nature, sporadically delivered to our table. Perfect for a romantic occasion and I heartely reccomend the chef's choice for this reason.

My particular favourite was the Spicy Salmon and Mango rolls drizzled with honey. Dip that into wasabi + soy sauce and you have such a stunning combination of flavours (sweet, spicy, savoury and salty) which delights the tongue. There was also an excellent bbq eel roll and a delightful rice-less veggie roll which while not technically sushi, was equally good.

I am certain that my particular circumstances led to increased quality, but I would be hard pressed to think of any lack of freshness nor any dryness in the sushi I consumed. I will be overjoyed to return.

2009 Jul 13
I went there alone, as Japanese is my favourite food and I'm always wanting to try different restaurants.

What a disappointment!

I ordered salmon sashimi, spicy tuna roll and another roll that has tempura salmon in it.

The tempura salmon roll seemed like it was cooked several hours prior (or even the day before!). It was so dry and overcooked. It was mostly tempura with not much salmon; I couldn't believe it.

The spicy tuna roll was all panko flakes. Seriously, it dried my mouth up! The "spicy" sauce was flavourless.

But the biggest disappointment of all was the salmon sashimi. I don't know about you guys, but all sashimis I have had before have been a sliced version of the product. This one was literly shredded. I don't know how else to describe it. It was like the chef ripped a salmon apart by hand. It was a disaster. If that weren't enough to turn me away, the whole mess had been tossed in planko! It was covered in these bread crumbs! I just can't believe they call that sashimi. I thought it was so suspicious, like they were trying to hide something. It smelled ok, so I decided to have a go. It was the dryest thing ever. The planko had absorbed all moisture (and taste) from the salmon. It was inedible.

I will NEVER eat here again and would advise people to stay away.

2008 Dec 13
Went here tonight based on positive reviews, thanks to all who posted or else I never would of known about this little place. I don't have the budget for regular sit-down quality sushi and was searching for a reasonably priced, fresh take-out place.

Ottawa ain't Vancouver, but for our beautiful capital the price to freshness ratio happening at NewGen is fabulous. I will definitely be back again to more fully investigate the menu.

I ordered the chef's choice dinner combo and everything was great. It was a Friday evening and there were some other take-out customers but no one eating in, although it wouldn't be a bad place to stay for dinner, their restaurant space is clean, tidy, intimate ambiance. Location kind of in the business district so not surprising I guess. The staff were welcoming and the service took about 10-15 minutes max for 16 pieces freshly made. But I honestly don't mind waiting for their freshness/price ratio. Recommended.

2008 Dec 10
This is by far one of the best sushi places in Ottawa. Good bang for your buck. I could not stop eating any of their tempura rolls... delicious! I also have to agree with everyone else that the kamikaze rolls were great. The location is quite small and there is not that much room for dining which makes it crowded at times. I like to sit up at the bar so that you can watch them roll everything fresh. Great place!

2008 Jul 28
Had lunch here today with a friend. Having read the other reviews before going, I expected it the service to be kind of slow, which it was, but it wasn't busy at all (maybe because it's Monday?). This was a good thing as we were able to get a table and weren't in a rush.

I am always looking for good lunch time sushi and this hit the spot. I had a california roll and a dynamite (shrimp tempura, sweet potatoes, asparagus, spicy mayo) while my friend had the oshinko maki and the vegetarian spring maki. The menu is pretty varied and inventive so I am looking forward to returning to try some of their different creations.

All was delicious but I particularly enjoyed the dynamite roll as the sweet potato was just right - perfectly in proportion. Not to mention shrimp tempura always goes down easy.

My only complaint would be that they charge $2.50 for miso soup which is gratis most everywhere else. Oh well, next time I'll just order more sushi instead!

2008 Jul 22
On my quest again... went here for lunch. Was going to eat in, but decided to take out just in case the rain started. Got a kamikaze roll, a spicy tuna roll and an avocado roll - pretty much my usual.

Anyways, everything was fresh, made to order and each roll tasted very good. The service was friendly, but man was it busy! Next time I will order ahead. More expensive than the pre-made takeout places, but for fresh sushi, I think the added premium is worth it. I will be back.




2008 Nov 3
I really didn't want to have to write a bad review, as the young owners seem very nice, but my rolls were bad bad bad.

I ordered a spicy tuna + and dynamite roll for take out, and here's why I'll never order from them again:

1) 10% of the roll was fish, 45% rice, 45% fried crap

2) the dynamite had some deep fried sweet potato in it and it was probably a few days old

3) both rolls tasted dry

If you want to open a small restaurant that only serves sushi and isn't really in a central area, offer good quality sushi, not the 2 crap rolls crap you gave me for 17 bucks.