Foods from Isabella Pizza


2011 Jun 3
On my way home from work, I popped in to get some takeout. I didn't get the pizza, but the chicken box option they had. That was a mistake. I was told it would take ten minutes, it took 30. The chicken strips were really pepper, and one was raw. The wings we dry and chewy. The Chicken nuggets had no flavour and the chicken fries were cooked to the point of hardness. The only good thing was the potato wedges, and I got better ones at loblaws. All in all, very disappointing.

2010 Jun 6
I had the unfortunate experience of trying this place a few years back after they did a reno and changed owners. They must have changed owners again because last time the place was dirty inside and out even after a so called reno. The pizza was of the Mid East variety and lacked flavour the sauce comment rings true but toppings were tasteless and stale. I look in every time I drive by kinda like a car accident to check the place out and never see any cars or life in the window. I just hope they washed that front window. Seems the eat safe inspection site may confirm they changed owners again or are aware when inspector is going to visit.

2010 Jun 6
118 Isabella Street

not gourmet pizza but decent for the $$$

knew it could not be bad as they deliver to Lady Evelyn School on a regular basis

crust, nice and chewy, not sure if there is a thin crust option
IMHO, sauce a tad sweet but flavourful....pesto option for (extra)

toppings are nice, flavourful and abundant
bacon, real

H loves the potato wedges
Nachos, are tasty but would benefit from better salsa and cheddar (instead of mozz)