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Larb (Lao: ລາບ, Thai: ลาบ; also spelled laap, larp, laab) is a type of Lao meat salad. A traditional Lao food, is made from chopped meat, chicken or duck. The finely chopped meat, spices and broth is mixed with uncooked rice grains that have been dry fried, and crushed. It is eaten with a plate of raw vegetables and sticky rice.

Where to get Larb


2015 Jan 9
Unfortunately it's hard to get a hold of Lao/Isaan food at restaurants in North America... best thing is to try to make it yourself or meet a Lao/Isaan person. I also recommend the cookbook Pok Pok by Andy Ricker, which has regional Thai recipes and is more or less quite authentic.

2009 Jan 27
yum! Issan style Larp (aka tiger style)...love it
encourage you to try making it yourself using the freshest beef and chopping it fresh (not pre-ground)

2008 Jun 11
Many prefer it raw, calling it goy dip or laap seua, meaning tiger laap. But in most restaurants you will be served cooked laap, unless otherwise specified.