Foods from eZpZ Pizza


2010 Jun 6
437 Sunnyside Ave

while not gourmet pizza it was right for the $$
nice crust, if you don't like thin crust
nice sauce, could use a pinch more salt (no pesto option)

ordered the medium deluxe (pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, onions and bacon add pineapple)13.99
bacon was real and plentiful
could use more mushrooms
pineapple was good and abundant
peppers and onions, crisp with just the right amount of char
seem to be very little difference between my side (eZ cheese) and the other so my tummy rumbled a bit but all in all, not bad
only complaint was the pepperoni was under the cheese so it was not crisp and a bit greasy, but that is me

chicken fingers ordered for niecey, were surprising quite large
the gravy sent with the frys was fake but niecey still loved it
fries were a disappointment,,,McCain's