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2013 Jan 22
We ate here last week, for the 2nd time. First time was around a year ago, and I don't remember much.

Interior - plain, nothing to write about really. Wouldn't impress anyone. Clean, but not fancy in the least. At least the bowl sizes are shown near the steps.

This time, we had a rare beef, well done beef, beef ball (me), and chicken noodle with chinese mushrooms (him), and a strawberry milkshake (for the preschooler). We also shared veggie spring rolls.

What I love about this place:
1) Their beef and chicken broths ONLY use beef and chicken, per the server. Great for those with allergies (my husband has a shellfish allergy). We thought the flavor was quite yummy, although not complex. I added a bit of srihacha and hoisin to mine, hubby was happy as is (plus the hoisin wasn't labeled with ingredients, so he was a little concerned)
2) Spring rolls were cut in half, to allow them to cool a bit more quickly
3) Food came out FAST
4) Nice service - yes, we were the only ones in the restaurant for an early supper (around 4:30pm). But the server brought an extra bowl for our daughter, and her cup of water had a straw/cover with it, too.
5) CHEAP! One large bowl, one medium bowl, green tea, and 2 orders of spring rolls came to under $25. And all 3 of us were stuffed :-)

Next time I'll try to think to get pictures

2011 Jan 15
A part of 7 of us showed up here one night and everyone else seemed really happy with the mediocre fare. I was a bit harder to please, apparently.

The shrimp and noodle wraps I ordered were very bland and wrapped too loosely. Lettuce, noodle, shrimp, wrap and nothing else. I always enjoy a touch of mint in mine. The peanut sauce was really thin and uninteresting.

The medium pho I ordered was as only slightly smaller than my head, but I was expecting that. The sides were not of the freshest: basil was turning black and the bean sprouts were getting mushy. The lemongrass was okay, and the limes seemed fresh. No hot peppers, but plenty of hot sauces on the table. It was passable.

All in all, I'd go someplace else next time. I just hope that the rest of the group agrees.

2010 Aug 6
Zoinks! That's great!

Daddy: Did they have the fish sauce to dunk the fresh rolls also?

2010 Aug 5
schnicken, oh yes! I seem to recall seeing a closing time of 4am on the door of a Pho joint on Somerset. And then they open at 10am, meaning you can have pho for breakfast, lunch, supper, and late night snack! What more could one ask for??

2010 Aug 5
@3AM?! Tell me they were open at that hour?!

In Ottawa?!

2010 Aug 5
SATC lululemon starbucks junkie: "i love shopping on wellington, i feel like i'm in NYC."...

daddy: "i challenge you to figure out the actuarial valuation of your retirement portfolio including savings, pension, RRSP w/ withdrawal taxes, required high dividend-yielding TFSA and total portfolio returns, indexed CPI just to MAINTAIN YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING TODAY."

SATC lululemon starbucks junkie: "WHAT?"

daddy: "it's an eye opener. having your best interests at heart, hit it up wellington north where there's this little gem called pho bo ga 3."

SATC lululemon starbucks junkie: "i'm amazed that everything on the menu is so INEXPENSIVE here..!"

daddy: "time to make wi$er choice$ starting now, even on wellington."

fresh greenery @ PBG3 at 3am.

2010 Aug 5
beef rice wraps @ PBG3 at 3am. these were just ok. it's all about THE SAUCE that you dunk it in.

2010 Aug 5
bbq pork rice wrap @ PBG3. wolfing these down so fast whole must be a natural and coveted talent. comes with a flavorful soy + peanut + rice vinegar dressing garnished with julienned carrots.

2010 Aug 5
bbq pork vermicelli + fresh salad + spring rolls does a body good at 3am.

2010 Aug 5
spicy beef & shrimp pho @ PBG3 perfect at 3am.



2008 May 11
The photo is of my XL "Special B" -- satay chicken, BBQ pork, and tofu in chicken based broth. It was heavier (greasier? saltier?) than usual and no discernible spice level. The latter observation is strange for something promoted as "satay." No fear, I was able to squirt some sriracha in and make it okay. Quite a passable broth but I've had better at the other Pho Bo Ga places. Generous amount of meat and noodles in the XL.