Foods from Pho Bo Ga 2

2012 May 13
I absolutely LOVE the take out here - but honestly guys, pay someone 30-40 bucks to clean up the parking lot since you clearly are not the least bit interested in doing it yourself. There is flattened out and worn out garbage which has obviously been there quite a few months. My standards are pretty low for that sort of thing but it even grosses me out.

2011 Jan 18
Good food, reasonably priced, good service, and it's open late. It may not be fine dining, but if you are looking for a place to hang out with friends at 10 night it's a million times better than a diner.

2010 Jul 20
Yay for Vegetarian Pho! We've been a few times for dinner, and it's very tasty, fresh and filling. I also love the veg summer rolls. Be warned, however, if you don't like puffy, deep fried tofu, you might not like the options here.

The service is fast and friendly.

One large and one medium pho along with an order of veg summer rolls came to ~$23.

2007 Sep 10
My wife and I got a couple of bowls here last week. We figured large would be good..I think there should be a warning on the menu saying how big the bowls really are. This place is really tasty and a great value.

2007 Mar 12
We just ordered in from here for the first time in a few months. The XL sized orders each come with 4 x 650ml containers of rice, broth and fixings depending on what you ordered. We generally get 2 x XL and for just under 20 bucks it makes 4 very large extremely tasty adult meals.

They used to provide some pretty decent chopsticks with the order that you could put through the dishwasher quite a few times, but now they just have the cheap break-apart ones. Of course I was never sure how they managed to make money selling this stuff so cheap so I'd sooner them cut corners like that than by skimping on food quality - which they definitely have not done.

Love this place!



2009 May 5
Pho Bo Ga 2 is fast, that's for sure. Stopped in for a take-out lunch of medium Pho w/ rare and well-done beef. From ordering to leaving with food in hand, it was probably only five minutes.

Even a medium Pho was more than enough for lunch, and they're very generous with the meat. I did think that the broth was a bit on the salty side though.

If you're going to get Pho as take-out, you better have a big bowl at the home/office, because even the small will dwarf most bowls.

2007 Oct 23

This is my favourite place to get Pho. The broth is flavourful and their sate specials are even better! Cheap, friendly and portion sizes are large!

2007 Mar 12
4 x 650ml containers for just under 10 bucks for takeout is pretty hard to argue with. That makes 2 extremely generous meals for an adult. Not sure how they manage to make it so cheap but keep up the good work!


2007 Mar 12
Has the size and appearance of a cabbage roll, filled with rice and other yumminess. The rice-paper wrap is fairly translucent so you can see the stuff inside. Comes with dipping sauce - very yummy. 2 for 3 bucks as of this writing.

2007 Aug 27
My friends and I ordered take out from Jo Moon Ting and since they did not have vegetarian spring rolls on the menu I thought I would run in and pick some up from here. (My friend had a take out menu and I noticed a vegetarian option). I ordered three orders of veggie spring rolls (2 spring rolls per order). It was a quiet afternoon and I was the only person in the restaurant. When I returned to my friendís place and took a bite out of my spring roll I was horrified. They gave me the Shrimp spring rolls! I get sick if I eat shrimp. Usually, Iíll cut open a spring roll before I eat it but I was so hungry that I completely forgot this time. Luckily, I do not have a severe allergy and I was able to catch the mistake before my veggie friends took a bite. However, what really disappoined me is that I confirmed with the cashier and the cook who brought out the order to me that they were vegetarian!