Sanguiccio Deli-Cafe: Fresh Italian-style sandwiches served in the heart of Ottawa's Little Italy.

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Sanguiccio Deli-Cafe
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2013 Apr 20
I've got to recommend this place, I had some wonderful grilled pork sandwiches (with a small, actually-ripe-and-not-mealy tomato salad) and a very, very good americano. The hot sauce that I asked for was good, very hot but also flavourful instead of merely spicy, and apparently he sells it now and again when he makes a new batch.

The place wasn't super busy, though a few people stopped by to get takeout. The owner was incredibly affable and I'm going to head back soon.

2011 Aug 13
Interesting little place on Preston - what it lacks in décor, it makes up in friendliness and excellent sandwiches. Genio, the owner, is tremendously welcoming and obviously loves what he is doing – making made-to-order sandwiches that are particularly good.

Have been there several times on the weekend and there is usually only 1-2 other customers but because everything is made fresh from scratch there is always quite a wait for the sandwiches to be ready.

Don’t go when you are in a rush, but definitely go, it is well worth it (and he uses Art-is-in bread!)

He tweets his daily sandwich specials as well as posts them on his website.

2011 Jun 19
Cozy, comfortable and welcoming. This is the kind of place well everyone is a regular, but in a non-intimidating way. Pull up a seat at the bar and you'll soon found you've made a few new friends. Genio the owner serves up Italian coffees, made to order Italian sandwiches, and great conversation from behind the bar top.

This is not the kind of place to go if you're in a rush, sandwiches can take about 15mins to make BUT they're worth waiting for!

I ordered to sandwiches to go, the first one was the meatball special and the second one I left it up to Genio choice. It ended up being beef spezzatino (stewed beef). Both sandwiches were shared with my boyfriend. I loved both, but preferred the beef spezzatino, the beef way very flavorful and so tender, served with a tiny side salad of tomatoes and olives. My boyfriend preferred the meatball sandwich on rosemary bread. Both were around $10, the sandwiches that are not daily specials were $6-8.

Genio also makes his own hot sauce, from chili’s he dries and chops himself. You can ask for some on the side, it very hot, but also very yummy and addictive! You can buy small jars of it to take home (as I did) for $13. Ingredients speak for themselves habanero, jalapeno, scotch bonnet, cherry pepper, long green chili, short green chili, ghost chili, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt and vinegar. It’s a must have for any hot sauce lovers!

I will be back for sure.

This picture is of the meatball sandwich.

2011 May 16
wow....delicious. I have yet to be disappointed in these sandwiches. Awesome bread, delicious little side salad.

His home made hot sauce is killer too. go in at the end of the summer he has tons and tons of home grown hot peppers hanging from the ceiling drying out.

Highly recommended.

2011 Feb 18
I've been spending a lot of time on Preston street lately and I stumbled on this small secret corner of Ottawa.

The sandwiches are absolutely wonderful! My first was the italian sausage and rapini and I'm now addicted. I've since tried the smoked meat (divine!) and many of the others and I have yet to be disappointed.

I was surprised to discover that each sandwich is made completely fresh to order, nothing is prepared in advance, so be prepared to wait a bit in anticipation. But that only gives you time to chat with the friendly owner who obviously loves what he does and gets great pleasure out of your enjoyment of his creations.

It's a little tricky to spot but it's on the east side of Preston street right across from Laurel street. You have to walk up a flight of steps. I highly recommend it!

2009 Apr 1
I was walking down Preston and I stumbled across this small coffee shop.
I think I found my new spot the owner was a real nice guy so
I decided to have a sandwich it was some type of Italian meat it was so good, I mixed two meats I know one was capicollo, I think that how you spell it.

I ended up coming the next day with my girlfriend and she loved it.
We both had the special homemade meat ball sandwich ummm.

It's on Preston between Somerset and Gladstone.

GO SENS GO (ok maybe next year)


2011 Jun 19
This picture is of the beef spezzatino sandwich from my other review. This was my favorite!

2009 Apr 8
You have got to try the smoke meat sandwich. It's amazing! This little place (on Preston St) is easy to miss but worth looking out for. I highly recommend it.