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2012 Oct 15
The 'grand opening' sign has been up for a while. I think it had something to do with their patio oepening back in the summer, tho i could be wrong.

2012 Oct 13
Drove by today and there was a sign on the sidewalk that said grand opening. The sign on the building was covered up. I did notice that white cloth tablecloths and red napkins were on the tables that is new from our visit a few years back that was less than memorable.

2012 Oct 12
Last time I was here was a few years ago. We had company from out of town and since there were 6 of us, we made reservations. All went swimmingly until we were asked to vacate out table and were split into a table for 2 and one for four. We couldn't believe it. We had eaten, but were not dawdling as we had just finished. Rather than make a scene, we paid up and left, secure in the knowledge that we would never be back. Back then, the food was not too bad or I would have been really steaming, instead of being at a mere simmer. Needless to say, we have never, ever darkened their door again.

2012 Oct 12
Was here a couple of years ago and will second Bacon IV, word for word in fact.

2012 Oct 12
I tend to agree OSM, but the poster is transparent at least, and he uses his name (but then that could be a pseudonym), and last not least, the place is lousy.

I only ate takeout once about a year or so ago, and the dough seemed like frozen supermarket issue, dense, bready, spongey, hard, not the most chewable. Sparse, bland, cheap-tasting toppings and cheese, and little to no sauce which is the biggest sin for me as far as pizza.

Finally, I don't recall anything (smell, taste, texture) remotely indicating this pie was made in a wood-burning oven.

2012 Oct 11
Ex-employee with a grudge slams place.
How novel.

2012 Oct 5
I worked here in the past so i can tell you some little known secrets. for one the sauce is from a can. the ingredients are of poor quality: molding vegetables were used first! the cake is frozen. the kitchen is..unsanitary...I strongly urge you to skip out on fornos. The owner may come across friendly but they are fully aware of the lack of care for cleanliness and quality and see it as an achievement in some how making profit in spite of it.

2012 Sep 2
After visiting the farmer's market and in search of lunch, we were thinking Tenessee Wilems or Back Lane but were passing by Forno Antico and decided to give it a try. I've passed by many times and the wood burning smell is inviting but I had always wondered where to park (side streets) and is it open because it appears so dark inside from the street. We ordered two pizzas for one, Italiano with marinated eggplant and salami and a Margherita which has added roasted peppers and a basil oil along with fresh mozzarella.

Service was friendly. Sit wherever you like. There was not another diner in the place at 1:30 on a beautiful sunny Sunday. This is usually sufficient warning for us. We ordered Morettis and they came nice and cold, but my husband was given a filthy glass, so dirty that I'm unclear how he could have brought it to the table without noticing. Not to worry though he cheerfully replaced it. Things like this happen, but here I think it indicates a lack of care. I think a bathroom check might have nailed it but I opted out. To be fair it could have been a one of, but it left a negative impression towards cleanliness.

The pizza: Not terrible but not anything I would return for. Crust was a bit tough, seemed overworked. Sauce was fresh tasting and mild. Toppings on the Italiano included scant eggplant and plenty of low quality meat. The margherita was not traditional with roasted (bottled) peppers, and basil oil/pesto instead of basil leaves. I shared a slice of it and found it oddly fishy tasting. My husband did not detect that. There may have been some escaped anchovy in there, which I like but not when I'm not expecting it. Wood smoked flavour was nice on both pizzas.

Ambiance is dark and not welcoming although the owner is very friendly. Unopened deliveries were stacked in banquettes and the like. Patio seating is pointless with an exhaust filled view of Bronson Ave. I think that unless you live in the neighborhood and just want to grab something to fill your belly, I would pass on this place. We got the impression that the owners were going for a very traditional vibe but the the food just doesn't add up.

2012 Feb 15
Went to Forno Antico and was not impressed. I can see how the wood fired smell can lure in customers but the Pizza was nothing to get excited about.

Over priced for what is on the pie, something like $3-$4 for a SMALL (130mL) San Peligrino. I think that the owner here has the impression that his food is the best out there, but really its quite sad.

When I was paying he asked how everything was, and I honestly told him that I was dissatisfied. He replied with a shrug of his shoulders. I hope that my comments woke him up a little and that this place sees some change.

2011 Sep 22
They recently changed their sign to read 'Pizza & Tapas Italiano'.

Tapas... Italiano... look, i'm no tapas purist, i like small plate dining, i like asian small plate restaus, i enjoy 'real' Spansh style tapas... hell any restau can put three fries with some mayo on a plate and call it McTapas for all i care...

But when a 'wood oven pizza' place starts to get creative, i start to wonder.




2009 Aug 25
Sorry to go against the current. It migth be a matter of personnal taste, but I found the pizza there of grocery quality (at best) and overpriced. Certainly not what you would expect from a place that boasts a wood burning oven.
The service was rather friendly, but I am never going back.

2007 Oct 6
My bf and I dined in at Forno Antico tonight. The decor is simple but nice. The service was prompt (water refills when our glasses were empty, greeted as we walked in the door, orders taken within a few minutes of arriving, and food arrived quickly) and friendly. I had the Primavera pizza (I asked for no cheese) and bf had the Mediterranean. Just like foodlover, I didn't get any spinach on my pizza, but it was tasty, so I didn't bother to ask about it or send it back. My bf enjoyed his pizza too. My new favourite pizza joint. I was happy to see that they deliver too.

2007 Apr 26
The name of this restaurant is backwards on this should be FORNO Antico, the one at 683 Bronson Ave.

This is the Primavera (I wanted to take a pic with it still in the box b/c it's square but we already put it on our plates...)
On the menu it says: Mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, roasted red peppers, and spinach. BUT, there was red peppers (not roasted), no spinach, and fresh basil? I hate it when resto's don't follow what their menu says!! Grrr..

With that being said, the sauce wasn't really flavorful and a little skimpish on the mozza cheese. I had asked what kind of cheese, if any, was on the Primavera when I called, since it didn't have it listed with the toppings like the other pizzas do.
Not too memorable...I think he's selling the fact that it's wood burning....

2006 Nov 20
Antico has some great pizza, and its rectangular too. For those of you that enjoy a traditional style the margarita (sp) is a great choice. Its just a simple tomato base with boccocini and basil. I usually have to pick up as their delivery driver takes off early.