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2015 Mar 13
I'm always disappointed when I go for sushi that isn't all you can eat but is still all you can eat level of quality. This definitely wasn't the case here. I had the best salmon sashimi I've ever had (they have it shipped from Norway) which is nice as their salmon farming is more strictly regulated than it is here. It also made me happy that they don't serve White Tuna (escolar) here and don't falsely advertiseTilapia as Red Snapper like most places in Ottawa do. I'll definitely be back!

2013 Jul 29
I went to Sushi Umi with my husband.
We ordered Sapporo and Asahi.
Yakitori (2 chicken skewers) was very tasty. I will order more next time.
My Husband ordered Dinner A: miso soup, 4 pcs gyoza, dynamite rolls, some nigiri sushi and I ordered 8 pcs of nigiri sushi and I asked chef to pick the fish for me.
Sushi was very good. I really liked the quality of sushi rice.
I hate pasty, wet, chewy, heavy,dense and over seasoned sushi rice from my heart.
Sushi Umi's rice keeps its shape and it flakes in your mouth, (that's the way the sushi rice should be!) and it doesn't become a big chewy gummy rice ball in your mouth and choke your throat.

Our grand total was $65 plus tip. I will go back for sure.

2013 Mar 8
My wife suggested we come here for lunch yesterday after having read .

Fantastic! It wasn't busy at all, which is surprising because the value is quite good here. We had a mix of izakaya plates and a sushi combo. Our server offered any *two* of soup/salad/rice for $2 extra per person. We were surprised by the generous size of the miso soup and the salad.

For izakaya, we enjoyed agadashi tofu which was a nice protein filler adorned with crispy seaweed shreds, takoyaki octopus balls topped with bonito flakes, and sushi nachos which consisted of satisfying slabs of tempura yam topped with creamy diced salmon sashimi. Prices were $6-$7 for these fairly generous dishes.

We also shared a sushi combo plate: 2 salmon nigiri, 2 dynamite, 2 kamikaze, 3 california, 3 cucumber. For $10 this was a very decent selection of high quality sushi.

Our server was great and the atmosphere was pleasant. Highly recommended!

2012 Jan 23
I'm not sure why this place doesn't get more love on the forum, either people such as me have been remiss in talking about since we assume it's just a neighbourhood kind of place, or all the focus is on higher end Japanese restos such as Genji or Kiko.

Well the truth of the matter is that I no longer find myself going to Genji or Kiko because my sushi yens are, for the most part, happily met at Sushi Umi and for much less than I was paying at the larger full service establishments. And now that Sushi Umi has a liquor licence and serves Sapporo or sake with their creative yet reasonably priced meals, I'm all set for Japanese eating and right in my own backyard.

I have yet to be let down by Sushi Umi and the owner/chef is very pleasant and accommodating, as well as being able to recommend fish according to your palate. As an example, we're big mackerel fans so he never fails to let us know when he has received some king mackerel (but let it be known that all of his fish comes in daily). The dishes often come with sculpted pieces of vegetable or fruit which makes for a pleasing and artistic bit of garnish on the plate.

Other than beautifully prepared sushi, I'm a big fan of their tempura dishes as well as udon noodle soup. For sheer value their lunch and dinner specials can't be beat, in particular the black cod platter.

Seriously, fresh, creative sushi and good value CAN go hand-in-hand, and Sushi Umi has been proving this for the past couple of years. Pictured at right is my lobster roll, generously garnished with extra lobster meat and the rice perfectly cooked and seasoned. Re-reading this review and looking at the photo, it occurs to me that perhaps no one is talking about this place because they prefer to keep it to themselves. ;o)

2011 Apr 7
I have to say that this place is probably the best sushi that I have had in Ottawa, so far.

I had a dinner special for two that had four salmon nigiri, a california roll, a dynamite roll, a spicy salmon roll and miso soup for 2 for $25. The fish was of amazing quality. The rolls were excellent with a good filling to rice ratio. It was so tasty, we ended up ordering it again later the same week.

As noted, they now have more tables which would make it a nice place for dinner with friends.

The service is great and very friendly.

The only drawback is if you want a Sapporo with your sushi, they aren't licensed.

Prices are very reasonable.

2011 Feb 25
Ate there yesterday with my family and was very pleased with the quality. We normally go to the all-you-can eat sushi joints and found the quality of the fish and portion sizes here to be superior. The salmon sashimi was melt-in-your-mouth and unagi delightfully flakey in texture. Everything was fresh and well-presented, though without a lot of flair (veggie carving and such). As a gluten-free diner, I was pleased that they provided GF soy sauce (as I always forget to bring my own). A liquor license they do not have. It would be great to round out the meal with some saki.

They have expanded into the bakery next door and have more tables available for eat-in.

Was happy and will go back.

2010 Sep 11
Wow! This place is so cute. Tiny but nicely decorated with brightly painted red walls. There are about 4- two top tables and a counter (against the wall) that seats three. It would probably make a really intimate date spot or a great place to meet a friend or dine alone for that matter. Groups? Forget it- think take out.

I just ordered an appetizer sashimi. It was beautifully presented and reasonably priced - I think it was $8.99 after taxes, which in my opinion is reasonable when you compare the price of sushi at Loblaws/Farm Boy etc/Sushi Go etc.

The fish was reasonable- not the outstanding "melt in your mouth" kind that I have had at some high end places(in other cities). They seem to post some good daily specials which would make Sushi Umi a good place to stop for lunch.

Much like other Sushi restaurants, this place closes early 9pm, regardless of the night! I don't know if they are licensed or not.


2010 Jan 31
I got back from my son's dance class to find that my wife had been here with my other son and brought back a couple of trays of takeout, with various items. It was all really good, but I nearly died when she told me how much it cost for those 2 little trays!