Chicken and Rib Fest? [Events]

2008 Jun 18
Since I don't know if anyone is putting in real reviews for these "vendors" considering that they are temporary, I would be interested to hear what people think of what they eat there during the next few days - recommendations welcome!

2009 Jul 5
would have been nice to see some bronto ribs (beef ribs) out there but ahwell

still stick with texas outlaws

2010 Jun 25
I popped by the chicken/rib fest today at about noon (bad time to go). I ended up getting in the express lane for pulled pork, slaw and beans, with some Nitro sauce.

Well, it was good, but not great. The pulled pork was loaded up but had a huge chunk of fat in the sandwich. I probably ate a half pound of the pork before I could eat it like a sandwich, but it was oversauced and didn't really stand out. The sauce didn't really have a distinct taste to it either...not tangy, sweet, smoky....just sauce. The Nitro sauce added a bit of cayenne zip, but not much more. The coleslaw was pre-packaged shred with their custom dressing which was ok. Wasn't offensive, but didn't make me want more. The beans were pretty good. The scattered raw onions made it for me.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but that particular sandwich wasn't one that I'll crave....but it sure makes me appreciate true home bbq-ing!!