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3659 Richmond Rd, in Bells Corners

la Cuisine Pacific Rim
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2012 Jul 13
The owner was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. Closing it down makes perfect sense given the circumstances

2012 May 25
On the way to work today I saw a For Lease sign on a window of La Pacific Rim Cuisine in Bells Corners.

This place opened with great fanfare 2 years ago but i guess the location did not do it any justice and another one bit the dust. Bells Corners has long been touted as the next *hot* place but that has not's too bad as the review for this place was generally positive and I was thinking of giving it a go but c'est la vie.

I believe one of the owner is the brother of the Pho Thi Fusion franchise owner.

2011 Dec 22
So you complained to the management, and then to the owners, and contacted, and acheived absolutely nothing whatsoever from any of those sources, notwithstanding that you read the small print carefully and saved your proof of payment ...and only THEN did you come on line to slam them, right?

2011 Dec 21
I had a $50 voucher, via, and they refused to honour it. They got the money and kept it, without providing anything. Service stinks!
Bad place!!!

2011 Jul 29
The best sushi you can get in ottawa is here!! The chef puts such time and detail in the food. the servers are friendly, we had stacey on our visit and she was amazing:) thanks for great food, a great atmosphere and your wonderful selection of consignment wines!

2011 Jul 22
We dropped in here for lunch once last Fall, not too long after they opened. I don't recall what we had, but we came away with mixed feelings - the same sort of ambivalent feelings we had about its predecessor in this location, West End Station. It always seemed on the verge of becoming a fine restaurant, but kept falling short in various ways. We resolved to return to Pacific Rim after a few more months had passed, but didn't make it back until this week, this time for dinner. We were looking for a cool spot not too far from home to dine on a very hot day, and this turned out to be a good choice, as we enjoyed both the comfortable temperature and the meal.

Judging from Jojo's review, the menu has changed very little since last October - the dessert offerings, for example, are still the same four that she described. Hard to say if this is a good sign or a bad sign, though. The menu (available on their website) is rather eclectic, perhaps a little too much so... one always wonders whether a small kitchen can successfully cover so many bases. In any case, we decided to steer clear of the regular dinner menu for the most part, and try the sushi offerings. We did start with the tempura samplers, though, which were a generous size for $7. Not exceptional, but still quite tasty.

We then shared the sushi combo platter, which consisted of 10 pieces of assorted sashimi, 10 pieces of assorted nigiri, and 8 pieces of maki roll (chef's choice - tuna in our case). This arrived nicely presented with some seaweed salad and pickled ginger, and was a big hit. All very fresh and tasty, some of the best sushi we've had in Ottawa, and reminiscent of some we've had in Vancouver. Not quite full, we then ordered some BBQ eel roll - also very tasty. We finished off with some good coffee and shared the creme brulee trio, which was okay, but the flavours were rather vague.

They have a fairly interesting and reasonably-priced wine list, featuring, for example, a good riesling and rose from Tawse by the glass. The service was friendly and competent.

After we were done, the owner, who is also the sushi chef, came over to ask how we enjoyed the meal. This was a nice (and uncommon) touch. We'll definitely go back for the sushi, and perhaps try some other things on the menu as well. Good eateries in this part of town are few and far between, so it would be nice to see this one stick around.

2010 Oct 7
Dined here last night for the first time since its opening. la Cuisine Pacific Rim restaurant is located where West End Station Bistro had been located for many years. We were seated by a friendly and enthusiastic server, although she did seem a bit new in this position. She did try her best to make us comfortable and always had a smile.

The decor is nice, and the ambiance is warm including the addition of a beautiful exotic fish tank. Very eye-catching.

la Cuisine describes itself as an Asian Fusion restaurant. There are Thai, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese offerings (among others) available on the menu. They offer lunch and dinner and also offer a sushi bar. They also offer almost all of their extensive menu as take-out.

We started our evening with drinks - I had a Cosmo and my dinner companion had a Caesar, which was very spicy and delicious and garnished with some olives, which of course, I stole!

Starter course, we enjoyed the Pacific Trio Sushi Platter which consisted of salmon, tuna, shrimp and yellowtail nigiri. It also had 6 pieces of spicy tuna rolls. That sauce on the spicy tuna rolls was a perfect balance of creamy, spicy and savoury. Beautifully presented and deliciously fresh seafood. We also tried the Mum's Spring Rolls. Very crispy, a nice flavourful filling and a nice chili lime dipping sauce. I could have eaten a platter of these myself!

For our mains I ordered the Sesame Tuna Steak - the black bean rice cake which accompanied the tuna was very good - nice and crispy. We also tried the Jerk Filet Mignon. The portion size was nice - my dinner companion was not disappointed. While the steak was cooked perfectly medium and was nice and tender, it was not very Jerk-y. It was served with mashed red-skinned potatoes and some perfectly steamed bok-choi and peppers. With our dinner we sipped on some lovely wines - a Sanctuary Pinot Noir from New Zealand and a McPherson Chardonnay from Australia.

We really couldn't manage dessert, although the offerings looked tempting - Japanese Style Cheesecake with lychee compote; Creme Brulee Trio, pomegranate, mango and lemongrass; Chili Chocolate Cake, pear mousse, Thai chili infused dark chocolate ganache ( I think I have to go back to try this! ) and a Banana Coconut Strudel with ginger drizzles and vanilla ice cream.

The price points are as follows: Appetizers between $5 and $12; Mains between $25 and $32; Asian Pasta Selections (such as Seafood Pad Thai) between $16 and $19; Desserts around $7

At the end of our meal, the owner, Chef La Lim, came out to make sure we had a pleasurable dining experience and to encourage us to spread the word. We will - well done!

I think they've made a great start and I will go back in a few months - they do have a few growing pains to work out, as does any new restaurant, but I think it's a great addition to the West End of Ottawa restaurant scene.

2010 Oct 5
I just looked at the website and see that the Executive Chef is Brendan Trewell. He is a great chef, last at Scotia Bank place as executive sous chef, also was executive chef at Stonebridge golf course.
I have high hopes for this place as he did put out some great food at Stonebridge.
The food now is awful at the golf course. Most members dont stop to eat after a round anymore.

2010 Oct 5
They opened last week. We are going tomorrow night for dinner - will post a review.