Offers a unique selection of :
dried fruits
basmati rices
Jams(figs,quince,carrot etc)
prepared middle eastern dishes

Shiraz Grocery Store
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2009 May 8
Thanks for the almond tip! I picked up some lemon + salt today, they are indeed delicious. Also the cinnamon walnuts are delectable. Picked up some halloumi, but haven't tried it yet. Owners were very pleasant as well. Great little store to have near me.

2009 May 4
i have started buying all my almonds here. their almonds are large and there are many styles. currently, i have lemon & sea salt (i prefer lemon alone), plain, and a spiced. i also picked up some hot spicy cashews. there are also lots of pistachios, melon seeds, mixed nuts. the nuts are nicely presented in large wooden bowls.

i haven't compared prices, but i don't find these expensive, especially given their larger size.

2009 Jan 27
I go here all the time for any Middle Eastern dishes I am about to whip up
Even find my fave Moroccan sundried olives* here and Lavosh

the lil wrinkly jewels in the pic


2009 May 4
i love these almonds. they are large and there are various flavourings. i love the spicy ones and the lemon glazed.

2009 Jul 3
this is the definitely one of the best fatayers i have had in ottawa. i had the spinach and feta cheese, but there were also just cheese or sausage and cheese options.

my husband and i split one as a snack, but i could have easily eaten it by myself.

2009 Jul 3
this is one of my favourite carrot salads. very vinergry with fresh dill. the strands of carrot are long and thin and well marinated. this would be delicious in a sandwich. on its own, i can only eat it on the side, i wouldn't sit down to a big serving of it.