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A savoury meat (eg fish, chicken) and veggie soup/stew most often served at breakfast in Cambodia. Looking for a restaurant in Ottawa (or even North America) that serves it.

Where to get Cambodian borbor


2012 Jul 3
Very sad but both Cambodian places in Ottawa have closed down!

2009 Jan 27
I believe I saw a phnom penh on Wellington
driver was going way too fast so I can't be sure

2008 Apr 2
Hmm maybe try www.phnompenhnoodlehouse.com/ or ask the owners. Funny thing, I actually went to high school with a family member of the family that owns the Phnom Penh in Kanata & Kingston!

2008 Apr 2
First place that comes to mind is Phnom Penh in Kanata. Don't see borbor listed on the menu but may they could direct you to a place.

Not too many Cambodian/Laos restaurants in this city...