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2009 Mar 11
Hello Ottawa Foodies!
We're the proud owners of Art-is-in Bakery and we have to say that what was said about us lately has been very disturbing.
We put our heart and soul (and energy) to produce the best bread in town and we’ve been put down lately because we thrive for the best.
Yes, we’re firm about not taking shortcuts, about working clean, about respecting the proper techniques, about having fun and loving it when making the bread which is, a lot of time, a hard thing BUT the reason behind this is to achieve superior bread (texture, shape, crust, colour and most of all flavour).
Please drop by Art-is-in Bakery (Monday nights are a slower pace). We (Kevin & Stephanie) and our enthusiastic team would love to show you around.
Seeking to open retail this year, we’re very excited!
FYI, in our dynamite breads we use the finest extra virgin MINERVA olive oil.
Please let's talk about food and if anyone has concerns about ethics, we'll welcome your suggestions with open arms.