Foods from Springroll House

2011 Dec 16

I go to the Springroll House in Hintonburg fairly regularly for lunch, about once a month, and I've always had a great experience and great meal. I've only been to perhaps three other Vietnamese restaurants in the downtown area, so maybe there are better ones but of those I've tried I find The Springroll House is my favourite.

I usually get the #15 (thin rice noodle with rare beef) and the broth is so hot that it cooks the beef well (it's thinly sliced) as it stews in the bowl and makes for wonderful flavour. If I get a take out order I usually opt for the #16 (well-done beef instead of rare).

We've been there as a family for dinner a few times too. The lemongrass tofu dish is excellent and there's a curried version that really good if you like things spicy. One of our children likes the deep-fried springrolls very much and the other will eat as much of the rice as he can get. But we've had no luck getting them to try the soup yet.

The service is always fast and courteous and I think the prices are certainly very good. For what it's worth, I recommend it highly.

2011 Aug 27
If I'm not mistaken, there are only two pho places in the Tunney's Pasture area and they are Pho Van Van and Springroll House. My preference is definitely Springroll House.

Ordered a medium pho dac biet (#36) and a jackfruit sinh to (kind of like fruit crushed with ice in a blender). Jackfruit sinh to came within 3 minutes and the bowl of pho came 2 minutes after that.

There's a lot of different types of meat thrown into a bowl of pho dac biet and it's what I order at every pho restaurant. This bowl of pho had rare beef, well done beef, tendon, tripe and green onions. It's not the best pho I've had but it definitely hit the spot especially after I put in huge amounts of sriracha sauce, lime and bean sprouts.

The sinh to was disappointing compared to other places. The jackfruit flavour was kind of muted. I think there was a lot more ice/water than jackfruit in the sinh to. Granted, the quantity was huge but I still didn't feel good about paying 5 bucks for it afterwards.

Overall, tasty pho within walking distance of work. It's pretty good stuff.

2011 May 20
I have been to the Spring Roll House a fair number of times over the last few years as I live in the neighbourhood. I like the place, they also have a fair number of vegetarian options and some specials (items serviced on rice or noodle dishes beyond usual items you would expect from a Vietnamese restaurant, soup, vermicelli and rice dishes).

Being quite busy with a young family, I am really happy to have this place in the hood. I went there (or had takeout) during my pregnancy and have brought the kids there from time to time.

Nice not to have to make the trip to Chinatown and deal with parking, etc.

The restaurant is fast, efficient and authentic IMO. Maybe not that absolute greatest Vietnamese food on this Earth but it is what it is and the kitchen is open fairly late.

Phnom Penh, a Cambodian place across the street, was a nice addition to the hood (created a little "niche" of low key Asian restaurants, serving quick, healthy and tasty food.

I will miss Phnom Penh and am glad that Spring Roll House is still in business. It is what it is and I wouldn't write it off so quickly.

2011 May 20
I was expecting great food for a great price. So many good reviews on other sites. A bit disappointed. Prices differ from what's on the web.

The spring rolls were mediocre...just a tad greasy. The fillings could improve in flavour. Two shrimp spring rolls for $4.50. Two chicken spring rolls for $3.99. Salad rolls with just plain steamed chicken for $5.75. A vermicelli bowl for $10.50 because I subbed the shrimp for pork spring rolls. A medium sized Pho for $8.50. A small bowl of rice for $2.00.

The grilled chicken was pretty good, but it was a small serving of it in my vermicelli bowl. My husband said the broth in the pho was good, and was given a lot of beef balls in #33.

Would I go again? Maybe just to try their house specials, and the fast service.

2010 Nov 27
On a recent trip to Giant Tiger, I ordered some Take out from here again. The guy running the front was super friendly and chit chatted with me while I waited for me order.

I noticed that they bumped up the prices a bit since my last visit which has me wondering whether or not the price point is worth it. I was also wondering if this is a reflection of the increase in hydro bills that everyone keeps groaning about. I can't remember if it was my order of shrimp salad rolls (2 per order) or the hot shrimp springrolls (2) per order, one of them was $6 for the order which I thought was pretty steep.

After biting into the salad rolls, I recalled that I wasn't a fan of their version the first time I had them. They use a rice noodle that is about spaghetti thickness, which I don't care for.

The hot shrimp springrolls were very good. Basically they were solid minced shrimp. It leads me to believe these may have been $6. Regardless, $3 a piece seems rather much. Especially given that they weren't big springrolls- gone in two bites.

The other dish was a grilled marinated meats-chicken, pork and some shrimp. Although the meats were very good, I thought this dish was a little lacking, considering that it was the most expensive dish on the menu. It was served on top of the same rice noodles with a couple of different cold vegetables as garnish- cucumber and carrot I believe. I think the dish was 14.95.

I guess when I eat out, I'm just looking to be "wowed" a bit and this meal just wasn't that.

2009 Dec 22
At one point in time during the early to mid 2000's, I was eating there once a week with friends.

But over the years the quality has slowly gone down, though the service is still good. The prices remain reasonable, but prices are reasonable at most of the Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown too, so next time I get an urge for Pho and springrolls, I think I'll try someplace new.

2009 May 29
Tried this place for first time last night. It was good enough but doubt I will go back. The location not ideal for a re-visit.

Started with the shrimp spring rolls. Very yummy. Wish they were bigger or that there were more of them. Yes, yummy.

My partner ordered the mix stir-fry (chicken, beef, shrimp and veggies on rice). He said it was fine.

I went for the lemon-grass beef with veggies on vermicelli. It was okay. I didn't find it had much taste so I kept using hot sauce and hoisin.

The portions are good. The prices are reasonable.

2009 May 13
So I've been in a bit of a Vietnamese cuisine rut and as result I have been trying restaurants all over the city.

I hit Springroll House last week for some take out.

The restaurant is unfortunately located on the ripped up strip of Wellington just across from the KFC and in the same block as Giant Tiger.

Parking, right now, is a nightmare. I don't imagine it was great shakes to begin with.

The decor is your typical eclectic asian mixture of reminants of previous tennant, mixed in with a few asian motifs. Seating was nothing special. In a nutshell, no frills.

This is reflected in the prices. They are some of the lowest I have seen so far for Vietnamese.

The food was quite good but not amazing. The stand out were their springrolls which are handmade by someone given their lack of uniformity. Quite good. I enjoyed my Summer rolls but my only quibble is that they seem to use a thicker noodle inside than I am used to. This was more the thickness of spaghettini rather than vermicelli. The rice wrap was fresh though and tasty.

I also ordered a BBQ pork, spring roll and vermicelli dish. The pork was very good, but again they used these slightly thicker noodles which I wasn't crazy about. My other beef is that this dish is usually garnished with peanuts which I like to mix in. This version was not. Which just meant that I threw some on at home.

I'll have to come back and try the soups.

2008 Sep 6
SRH is one of our default lunch locations and it never really lets us down. Service is quick enough. Lots of free tea.

The vegetables are always fresh and the fact that it is always busy probably ensures that.

Phone ahead if you want to be sure of a table, or get there a bit ahead of the rush.