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Greek style Pork, Chicken, Lamb... grilled on a skewer.

Souvlaki at Jimmy The Greek
Souvlaki at The Original Souvlaki
Souvlaki at Greek Souvlaki House
Souvlaki at Greek Souvlaki House
Souvlaki at Greek Souvlaki House
Where to get Souvlaki




2009 Jan 27
had the chicken, dry
had the beef, dry
had the pork, not bad
not great



2013 May 9
The pork souvlaki platter ($11.95) features two skewers of juicy and tender marinated pork, a mountain of rice with sauce, a handful of the GSH famous potatoes, and a portion of their nice thick tzatziki. And it comes with a generous side salad. This is comfort food that fills your stomach and puts a smile on your face.

2008 Sep 28
I ordered their classic pork souvlaki and adored the cuisine. The portions are huge (only meal of the day and I _still_ didn't finish). They are also well done. The greek salad was a nice balance of feta and dressing. The potatoes are nicely spiced (slightly hot) and numerous. The rice does what rice is supposed to do. Even though there was less meat then rice or potatoes, the portions were generous on a whole.

It is also incredibly cheap for the volume. If you know someone with an incredible appetite, bring them here. The aforementioned massive plate of food was about 14$ after tax. It can also provide leftovers for that price which makes it very much worth the cost.

2007 May 18
gyro souvlaki.

the portions do not increase in size as you zoom in.

2007 May 18
had the kalamari souvlaki, my friend had the gyro souvlaki. the potatoes were especially VERY flavorful!!!

the portions do not increase in size as you zoom in.

2017 Mar 18
The Pork Souvlaki Platter ($11.95 I think?) made for a hearty lunch. No single component would win any culinary awards and the potatoes were more oily than necessary, but it was all pretty enjoyable. I'm happy when I can get greasy carbs, tasty meat, and a delicious salad in the same meal!



2014 Jun 11
They were in Kanata for an event so I had the opportunity to try their Pork Souvlaki Platter for the first time. Normal price at their usual location is $8.50 but it was raised to $10 to cover losses associated with attending this event.

Best pork souvlaki I can remember ever having tasted. This is seasoned and cooked as if it came from your Greek grandmother's kitchen. The tzatziki was very good and the fries were hot and fresh. Less appealing were the pita (thin and dry) and the rice (dry but tasty). The tzatziki made the pita and rice enjoyable.

Some salad would be nice on something called a platter, especially when it costs ten bucks. But that pork is so good! Next time, I'd order the souvlaki individually and/or get a pita sandwich.