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2013 Aug 20
chicken souvlaki and calamari platter

2011 Mar 25
The seafood platter is awesome for a totally reasonable price the quality and portion of the food is excellent. I have ordered from the montreal rd location numerous times and never been disappointed once.

The greek salad is delicious and fresh, the rice is flavourful and the grilled shrimp on the skewer is awesome. Potatoes and tatziki sauce are delicious. The calamari is pretty good too but sometimes soggy.

2011 Mar 2
My chicken souvlaki was raw on the inside. Hazeldean location. Disappointing.

2011 Jan 7
Was recommended to order from a friend. WOW! Very I mean VERY fast delivery service, food arrived nice and hot, chicken very juicy, greek salad and potatoes were very good, rice was a little buttery but still very yummy. Will definitely be ordering more often.

Keep up the great work, you are definitely a gem in the city for us busy people that need fast service and good food at a reasonable price.

2010 Dec 7
Beef gyros at the Orleans location were excellent....a bit small though.

2010 Nov 14
Again, kudos to the guys at the Merivale location for getting their calamari down pat. There is one guy who is there most of the time who seems to know what he's doing. Thanks :)

2010 Oct 23
I have to give these guys a thumbs up for improving their Calamari. I had some excellent Calamari from them recently- at least from Merivale location. Kudos!

2009 Oct 10
Could be the location- like I said in one review it looked SO promising. All it takes is someone different cooking to ruin calamari. Very easy to overcook.

2009 Oct 10
That's weird, I've been ordering the calamari platter for the past 2 years and I LOVE IT!

Even got my friends hooked on it :-) hehe

2009 Oct 7
Sorry to break it to you, new user 2157, everytime I've had Greek on Wheels I've stopped in, ordered and either gone for a walk while my order was being prepared or gone into a neighbouring store.

So, I usually get the order as soon as it is ready and, sorry to break it to you, I dig into the calamari right away and it's over cooked.

I order calamari a lot from all sort of restaurants and I am fully aware of what happens when it is placed in a take out container. Typically the risk you run with any kind of fried food.

I also know that it is like rubber bands within a couple of minutes from receiving the order(from the kitchen), it's been overcooked.




2009 Jan 27
had the chicken, dry
had the beef, dry
had the pork, not bad
not great