Tom Yam at Thai Express
Tom Yam at Sweet Basil
Where to get Tom Yam



2006 Nov 9
Here's a picture. The online menu is out of date -- the price is $2.95 now instead of $1.95. A bit steep for a palate cleanser but I still get it so I guess their business model is working. ;-)

2006 Oct 27
Just enough citrus and perfectly sliced mushrooms sounds right for Sweet Basil's tom yum. It's a simple broth with a good balance of salt, hot chilis, lemon grass and lime. They slice up regular white button mushrooms for the soup here instead of the more traditional straw or oyster mushrooms.

A bowl of this soup is the perfect way to wake up your taste buds in anticipation of the meal to come.

2006 Sep 25
I seem to recall this as being damn good with just enough citrus flavour and perfectly sliced little mushrooms. It's been a while though and I may be thinking of Green Papaya.


2006 Oct 7
This was not good at all. There were little grease pools floating on top, it was a white orange colour, and had no flavour of lime whatsoever. The shrimp in it were very nicely done.

But here's the best (worst) part! This "tom yum" soup had pieces of what appeared to be frozen mixed peas/carrot/corn in it! Any other time I've had tom yum, it has contained thinly sliced mushrooms or chopped scallions. The default north american microwavable vegetable mix was a bit of a surprise.


2009 Sep 23
The Tom Yum Goong was one of the most deeply flavourful I've encountered. It lacked the chili and bright lime kick usually found in Tom Yum soup, but instead offered a richly mellow flavour full of kaffir lime leaf and lemon grass. It is marked as "spicy" on the menu but the one we had should not be. Bonus points for a relatively generous count of 3 shrimp and a good portion size compared to other Thai restaurants.

2014 Feb 11
I had the TomYum soup with chicken at the Portage location in Gatineau. The flavour was good (sweet and sour), a bit light on hot sauce but I could probably ask for more next time. I got the meal size and it was enough good for lunch. Lots of rice noodles, enough chicken and a little bit of bean sprouts and Asian herbs. A tasty, healthy lunch option. Not to mention that the line up is a lot shorter for soups!

2014 Feb 2
Tom Yum was good, not great. The broth had a good depth of flavour, the soup was packed with button mushrooms and it had a decent heat. What both myself and my wife found was that it was missing the aromatics. There were no bits of ginger or lemon grass floating around and you could tell. Maybe this was strained from the broth, I'm not sure. North Americans tend to not like stuff in there food that they are not intended to ingest, however these ingredients in the bowl definitely add to the enjoyment. Good soup, and excellent value at $5.00.