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Foods from Budapest Delicatessen

2011 May 26
I was wondering why Pizzacones has looked closed lately.

The Bronson location wasn't being helped by the lack of parking.

I hope the new location works out. I like the concept and the food isn't bad for fast food takeaway.

2011 May 25
Glad to hear a new business will be moving in soon! I get discouraged when I see places get boarded up then stay that way for a very long time...

The Budapest Deli hadn't seemed to be doing well since the original owner sold the business a few years ago and I guess the new owners were never able to make a go of it. They've had a "business for sale" sign in the window for awhile. The pizzacone idea sounds interesting.

2011 May 25
I have a bit of news/insight on this one - it also fits into the new openings in town forum on this site. I've dropped into this little pizza place on Bronson North of the Queensway (East side of the Street) called Pizzacones. Odd little hole in the wall place. Apparently an investor from Toronto is now involved with his business and they will be moving it to the site of the Budapest Deli. The Pizzacones guy said that they will keep half of the store as "Budapest Deli" - I suppose "under new ownership" or something and then offer the pizzacone concept out of the other half of the store. I've actually only been to the place twice, the first time the guy said that he was working on finding a location in the market and then the second time I was there (last week), he told me that they had this new location and hoped to be up and running by Canada Day, he just had to break his lease at his current location. Interesting little concept as pizzacones are like an individual pizza or slice and he has a special technique to make the cone shape and cook the whole thing in something like 4 minutes.

2011 May 25
As I was passing by today they had a sign outside saying "Closing sale everything 30% off". I thought I'd share if anyone is interested in cashing in on some bargains...

2007 Sep 5
I just love their lunch sandwich specials, as they have a nice steam warmer for the Montreal Smoked meat. Great deal for under $5.

2006 Dec 8
I went to Budapest Deli today and got the Stroopwafels. They've got that rich butter taste but they're also very sweet.

Thanks, duckfat!

2006 Dec 4
Corneggs, the sticky stroopwafel can be found at the Budapest deli in the market. I try not to keep them around the house--Mr. Duckfat will demolish a packet of them in a day or two.

2007 Feb 1
I'm not a chocolate expert, but the 'Alprose' ( dark w/almonds 74% bar I picked up here ($2.95) is a real treat.

2006 Dec 6
This is one of the few locations where I can consistently find Dolfin Belgian Chocolate. It seems you can find it anywhere in Montreal and in a greater variety of flavours.

At Budapest they usually only have about 3 flavours at a time but the ones they carry vary. I haven't tried one that I haven't loved.

More info on the chocolate: