Stroopwafel at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Where to get Stroopwafel

2010 Feb 4
Speaking of Belgium - don't you miss those street vendor waffles hot off the iron in Brussels!

You can get more wonderful Dutch delights at Bakkers Convenience Store and European Deli near Manotick tool.

2006 Dec 8
I went to Budapest Deli today and got the Stroopwafels. They've got that rich butter taste but they're also very sweet.

Thanks, duckfat!

2006 Dec 4
Corneggs, the sticky stroopwafel can be found at the Budapest deli in the market. I try not to keep them around the house--Mr. Duckfat will demolish a packet of them in a day or two.


2010 Feb 4
I love these things, used to get them while posted in Belgium.. Take them to the office, pour yourself a cup of Senseo coffee and place the Stroopwafel on top of the cup for a minute or so and enjoy the warm treat.

2008 Feb 27
They're really good if you heat them up for a few seconds in the microwave.

2008 Feb 26
Oh they had these in France. They're so addictive and sooo good. Now I need to go to this store!

2008 Feb 25
Man..... are these ever addictive. In a good way.

2007 Jan 17
Almost too sweet to bear, but unlike anything else with a hot cup of tea.

2007 Jan 30
These are the kind that aren't buttery-tasting.