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Panaeng Curry at Angry Dragonz
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2019 Jul 10
I would argue, enthusiastically, that Dragonz' are better than peak Golden Palace.

2019 Jul 10
Angry Dragonz was in Vincent Massey Park yesterday, so I went and bought as much as I could. The lamb skewers and slaw were delicious (and I definitely took advantage of the various neat hot sauces to go with my skewers), but I also want to bring attention to the egg roll. Even with Pasta Lover's comment below, I was not expecting such a delicious, open-ended, pork-filled wonder. I'd put it in my Top Egg Roll Tier, right up there with Welcome Back and Golden Palace. Hoo, mama. Why did I only buy one.

2018 Jul 3
Based on that beautiful and enticing picture of skewers, I headed over to the food truck. Aaaand ordered General Tso chicken. I loved the look of the skewers but I had a craving for GT as soon as I saw it. It was very good. A big sized portion to fulfill my need for spice and fry and tasty to boot. The home made hot sauce was tasty. One minor quibble is that all the rice ends up getting jammed to the bottom of the serving container. Maybe reverse the order and add the rice last?

2018 Jun 22
Lamb skewers! Big cumin flavour with slightly spicy sauce and sweet honey. Great flavours and it never hurts to add one of their house spicy sauces. $9

2016 May 13
Now that spring has sprung (more or less) the food trucks are out! There is a roster of three trucks near my office that I like to frequent. Sadly Ottawa Streat Gourmet is on hiatus - but only temporarily. Their old truck died and the new one isn't quite ready yet but good eats will come to those who are patient.

In the meantime I started my food truck eating last Friday by paying a visit to Angry Dragonz. During the last couple of years I have sampled each menu item at least once but the Dragonz Bowl is hands down my favourite menu item. I usually upgrade by adding a spring roll to my meal. The egg rolls are huge and delicious. The Dragonz Bowl itself comes with rice, an Asian slaw garnished with a very addictive dressing, and one skewer each of lamb, beef, and chicken. The portion is generous and it was worth waiting all winter for Angry Dragonz to make an appearance on the streets of Ottawa again.

2015 Aug 13
Underneath the loads of chicken, veggies, peanuts and hot sauce was a delicious panaeng curry and loads of rice. This was a good dish but it could have been slightly more seasoned and spicy for my tastes but the selection of hot sauces more than made up for it.