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Tim Tams are a chocolate biscuit made by Arnott's Biscuits, Australia. A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.

According to Wiki : In Canada, Tim Tams are imported and sold by the Loblaws chain of supermarkets. But DO they sell them ?

Tim Tam
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2009 Oct 28
Oops! I'm not very up to par with the Tim Tam lingo :P But "slamming" with Bailey's does sound quite enticing...

2009 Oct 28
Have since discovered thru further reading that Tim Tam Slammin' can include alcoholic beverages... Port being the libation listed.

Hmmm... not a Port fan, BUT I am up to try other concoctions in the name of scientific research (4 bickies left)... thinking that Baileys, Amaretto and Tia Maria might be a nice combo with the chooclate... any nominees for the last test cookie?

Will report results.

2009 Oct 27
Qster - biting the ends off and drinking through it like a straw *is* the "slam" that Food & Think mentioned.



2009 Oct 27
But did you try using them as a straw for coffee?

You just bite the two ends off and sip your coffee through it - however, it does disintegrate with a couple of sips, after which you will have to carefully, and very quickly put the entire thing in your mouth :D

2009 Oct 25
"The Man's" #1 DD just returned from a trip to Australia and brought us back a package of Arnott's Tim Tams.... have to say I don't understand the fuss. They are sort of like a kit kat bar, except that the cookie really isn't that outstanding... just a boring old chocolate wafer. And that which they label as "textured chocolate" isn't that great either.

We've ate them up straight up, dunked 'em, and even tried slammin' them (that was an interesting experience)... but overall nothing spectacular about them.

"The Man" even jokingly said "Tell the Foodies... Will Trade for Bottle of Wine" that was earlier in the experiment phase... feel that we've given them an honest try, and now are just down to four more bickies (11 per package)... wouldn't say I was impressed or would go out of my way to find them again.


2009 Oct 24
Found them on sale 50% off at Loblaws in Carlingwood. They're doing some kind of renovation, so they're getting rid of some stock. Picked up two packs of the caramel ones!

2009 Feb 13
Saw a big pile of these in the cookie aisle at the Loblaw's in Westboro this morning (13 Feb 2009). Left a slightly smaller pile behind for other foodies.

Just in time for Valentine's Day for my partner, who is a Tim-Tams fanatic.

2008 Mar 3
They're available at the College Square Loblaws in the 'cookie' aisle (top shelf near the imported cookies)