Foods from Sukhothai


2011 Apr 6
Terrible service and food is so-so
I remember when this restaurant had fairly good service (even at lunchtime). At least a 20 minute wait for orders to be taken and 40 minutes when the food arrived. Food quality has gone downhill, and it's not even authentically made. I am terribly disappointed that the restaurant quality was that bad.
Ordered: Pad Thai with shrimp, Pad Thai with Chicken, Green Curry Rice and spring rolls.

2008 Feb 2
Went here for an office lunch (we work in Kanata). I ordered A off the lunch menu with chicken. Comes with chili, basil, red peppers and rice. I don't know why this happens to me sometimes but I was served last and not only last, but there was a substantial wait between the 2nd last dish to arrive and when my dish arrived...anyway...

The food was tasty. Good sweet to spicy ration. Enough basil. Not too heavy.