Bouillabaisse at Back Lane Café
Bouillabaisse at Back Lane Café
Where to get Bouillabaisse



2008 Jul 25
At 25$ for a bowl of soup (albeit a soup made with expensive ingredients) it better be close to perfection...

and I can say that the Bouillabaisse at Metro was up to snuff. Strong base with the right consistency (not too thick or thin), and beautiful mussels, scallops, shrimp and fish. Pricy but worth it. I have only been disappointed with Canadian takes on this French Med classic before having it last night.

My beefs would be: croutons and rouille should be served on the side(as it is traditionally served, not a single mayo drenched crouton as it was here), and there were tomatoes with skins still on in the soup. If you are going to cook a tomato, skin it first.

Still I can't complain, it was quite good. Thumbs up.

2007 Apr 28
I had this on a visit about a year ago. It was tasty just the way it should be. Not huge and not cheap though, with just a few pieces of fish. Recommended nevertheless.



2008 Aug 31
Always delicious... the Bouillabaisse comes in two sizes (small & large) and is chocked full of goodies, including shrimp, scallops and mussels… this is definitely one of Chef Minh Trang’s specialities honed after years as Chef at the former Seafood Grill in Bells Corners.

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Chef Trang also makes a variety of other fish & seafood based soups that appear on the list of Daily Specials from time to time. ALL that I've tried have been fantastic. Lobster Bisque, Crab Bisque and Clam Chowder among them. All yummy!

2012 Jul 31
I could mainline Tony's bouillabaisse at the Merivale Fish Market and Seafood Grill. I've ordered other dishes with somewhat less enthusiasm but I keep returning for the bouillabaisse -- so full of delicious chunks of fish and mussels in an appetizing tomato-base broth. Pure happiness.
My companion enjoys their fish and chips so much that the restaurant is fast becoming a favourite. Also, it is one of the very few bars carrying Jamaican ginger beer so one can enjoy a REAL shandy.


2012 Apr 25
Here's another Rustic Seafood Stew or whatever they called it.

The herbs added complexity to this simple dish and the melt in your mouth gigantic-atlantic scallop was the the high point. Cooked just beyond raw and miles from overdone.

2012 Feb 17
My wife quite enjoyed her Hearth Roasted Fisherman's Stew. Quite a generous amount of nicely cooked seafood in a mild (perhaps a little too mild) tomatoey broth. This went for $30.