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2009 Apr 19
this spot has been sold, no clue what is going in there, but it has always been a restaurant, so i expect the same.

2009 Apr 18
I wonder if Chef Trang is planning to set up shop somewhere else...because he made the best tiramisu in town! It's always saddening to hear a good restaurant closing down.

2009 Mar 19
Oh sad! :( My coworkers and I have been wanting to try this place too.

2009 Mar 17
Pan Bagnat - I am sorry to hear that. We went by back in January and looked in the windows, it appeared as if they had been flooded out from above (apartment overtop) the place was completely gutted down to the studs. We anxiously looked forward to them reopening. Sadly it looks like that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

"The Man" & I used to love this great little restaurant... the food, service and wine list, not to mention the value were top-notch.

The Restaurant Biz can be a tough road... It is sad to see things go wrong for people who put their whole heart & soul into something they love. We certainly hope that they are able to reopen elsewhere.

2009 Mar 17
This place is definately defunct. I walked by months ago and they were "closed due to flood." Now there is a "for lease" sign in the window.

2008 Aug 31
This is one of our favourite “non Italian” places that has opened in recent years on Preston Street. Four Cuisine Bistro offers a fusion of foods from the Italian, French, North American and Asian palates, representing the various cuisines and cultures that Chef Minh Trang has prepared all around the world. This bistro offers just over 30 seats and because of it’s intimate nature the service is always cheerful and familiar.

On our latest visit, we received a nice greeting from Natalie & Emily two of the wait staff, and were quickly seated a table near the bay window at the front of the restaurant that overlooks Preston Street. “The Man” ordered a cocktail, while I checked out the list of daily specials.

Presented with Menus and a Wine List, we went ahead and ordered our Appetizers. “The Man” chose the small Seafood Bouillabaisse and I the Asparagus wrapped in Proscuitto with Cheese. The Bouillabaisse was chocked full of goodies, including shrimp, scallops and mussels… this is definitely one of Chef Trang’s specialities honed after years as Chef at the former Seafood Grill in Bells Corners. The Asparagus appy is one of my favourites, and besides it’s melody of wonderful flavours it comes with an accompaniment of spicy veggies.

For our Mains, I selected one of the Daily Specials… Seafood Trio. The dish included Salmon, Prawns and Mussels served over Penne in a White Wine cream & rose sauce with Onions & Peppers. It was really delicious. “The Man” ordered his long time favourite, the New Zealand Rack of Lamb… French style with roasted garlic, and a cognac and rosemary sauce, served with a side of matchstick potatoes and veggies. A Rack of Lamb at under $ 20 that in person looks as great as the one pictured from the Four Cuisine Website. “The Man” drools over this dish!

We chose a nice red wine to accompany our meal, a 1999 Tempranillo from Spain called Los Molinos Gran Reserva. One of the nice things about Four Cuisines is they have some decent wines at good prices, and they have an ever changing list. This wine was superb and one worth looking for in my future wine travels.

Service throughout our meal was attentive, and professional. Things like water and wine pours were anticipated. We finished up our meal with Coffee and a Cappuccino. We will be back again in the near future.

2007 Apr 2
My wife and I were looking for a nice place to celebrate our Anniversary this year. With having a background in fine dining and having been a partner in this business, makes it challenging to find great food.

I can tell you that I went out on a limb by going to Minh Trang's Restaurant, who not only is the owner as well as the Chef due to not hearing any thing about this place, I based my decision solely on the reviews posted on this site.

Not only was the service friendly, the atmosphere of this new found gem - warming and welcoming.

My wife and I started out with the Warm Tiger Shrimp - spicy but exploding in flavor! I then ordered the Rack of Lamb and my wife the Filet Mignon, both dishes were very nicely presented and once again the flavors, temp of the food surpassed my expectations.

During the meal the chef came by our table to see if all was well, we did not feel rushed nor were we ever without anything needed.

Our diner was finished with a beautiful dessert - Tiramisu, again flavors were delicate and not over powering, even with our coffee and wine we spent a mere $80.00 tip incl.

Any other place would have easily cost $140.00 or more, and probably not have been as nice.

We highly recommend Four Cuisine Bistro to anyone wishing to tease their pallet with the taste of fine dining at a honest rate.

We will be back, with family and friends and on our special nights!



2008 Mar 1
"The Man" likes the lamb served at Four Cuisines Bistro on Preston Street.

It is a "New Zealand Rack of Lamb with roasted garlic in a classic French Style with cognac and rosemary sauce. Served with fine vegetables and hand cut matchstick potatoes". All this for $ 17.95

Hard to beat!


2008 Aug 31
Always delicious... the Bouillabaisse comes in two sizes (small & large) and is chocked full of goodies, including shrimp, scallops and mussels… this is definitely one of Chef Minh Trang’s specialities honed after years as Chef at the former Seafood Grill in Bells Corners.

--- --- ---

Chef Trang also makes a variety of other fish & seafood based soups that appear on the list of Daily Specials from time to time. ALL that I've tried have been fantastic. Lobster Bisque, Crab Bisque and Clam Chowder among them. All yummy!

2008 Aug 9
Available as part of the Seafood Platter for Two ($ 49.95 as of August 2008). The Platter includes: Alaskan King Crab, Fresh Pickerel, PEI Mussels, Grilled Tiger Prawns and is dressed with Saffron Rice and fine Veggies.