Foods from Merivale Fish Market

2012 Aug 1
Anyone know if they are being affected by the forthcoming monster mall/cineplex coming in behind/around them?


2006 Nov 26
I am a regular customer of "Merivale Fish Market". I go there every week to buy Salmon fillet (need some omega-3) and am very pleased with the freshness of their fish.

At one time, I went there around 3:00 PM and the salmon is already sold out.


2007 Mar 21
Got the annual christmas eve lobster here in 2006 and it was extremely good, if pricey.


2012 Jul 31
I could mainline Tony's bouillabaisse at the Merivale Fish Market and Seafood Grill. I've ordered other dishes with somewhat less enthusiasm but I keep returning for the bouillabaisse -- so full of delicious chunks of fish and mussels in an appetizing tomato-base broth. Pure happiness.
My companion enjoys their fish and chips so much that the restaurant is fast becoming a favourite. Also, it is one of the very few bars carrying Jamaican ginger beer so one can enjoy a REAL shandy.