Better Than Bouillon at Farm Boy
Where to get Better Than Bouillon

2014 Jan 22
From The Superior Touch/Better Than Bouillon Website:

"Where can I buy your products in Canada?

Our Canadian distribution is building! At this time, we donít have a store locator for our Canadian retailers. If you would like to learn whether Better than Bouillon is offered at your local retailer, for the Eastern part of Canada please contact Michelle Dickens at National Importers 604-301-4117. The Western part of Canada you can contact Edoko Foods 604-944-7332."

Please let us know how you make out with your search.

I used the lobster base(from Farm Boy) in a lobster chowder. Good results.

2014 Jan 21
Living in Kirkland If you are looking for stores in Ottawa I can recommend trying the Farm Boy stores here but it would be best to call or email first.

I assume you are from Kirkland? You can try Papillon health food store on St. Jean just north of Hymus. (Same mall as Metro and Swiss Patries.) But I would call first just to make sure.

2014 Jan 21
New foodie here.
Do you know if any of the companies carry the better than bouillon "clam base"? Have been looking for it in Montreal as well.


2009 Feb 28
They offer the Vegetable Better Than Bouillon in the "spice" section. Look down low, next to the Marmite. A jar goes for $8.99 and the ingredients look very promising!

2009 Mar 2
Lobster Base Better Than Bouillon can be found at Pelican and Merivale Fish Market (it's about $8-9), makes a good secret ingredient to boost your fish stews & soups without having to store lobster shells & shrimp shells in your freezer.


2009 Mar 31
Captain Caper If you are still looking for a local source for Better Than Bouillon I discovered that they have some in stock at Herb and Spice on Bank Street. They have chicken, beef, mushroom, and vegetable flavours. It isn't cheap though around $10.29 a container.

2012 Nov 12
Costco now carries Better Than Bouillon chicken and beef base. The chicken base costs $5.39 for a 454g jar. I didn't check the price on the beef base but I imagine it's around the same.


2012 Nov 13
They do offer low sodium but only in chicken, beef, and vegetable bases. Well, it's 21% for a teaspoon...

2012 Nov 13
Tree Pug, I bought some of the BTB veggie last year and found it very salty so when I used it I didn't add any salt but tasted for more salt, rarely adding any. Sometimes I would use a half measure of the BTB just to keep the salt down.

Didn't know they had a lobster base - I just wish they made low salt versions of their bases so I could add salt to suit my taste buds.

2012 Nov 13
I was kidding about the salt. I do make my own stocks and broth but I guess I will use this when I am out. I was thinking about using it in the rice boil for chicken fried rice...Thanks!

2012 Nov 13
Tree Pug, you don't use it as a substitute for salt. You are meant to use it as you would a broth. That is, mixed with water as HFF says. So if you are using it to make soup and the recipe calls for 4 cups of chicken broth, you would mix 4 teaspoons of BTB with 4 cups of water and use that. If you look at the ingredient list, chicken should be the first thing you see. Or, at least that is the case with what I use.

2012 Nov 13
You use 1teaspoon per 1cup water, so you aren't having a tablespoon per serving. I use the vegetable one when I make any grains, soup, stock - adding more veggies,ect to it. I use it with mashed potatoes. Basically I use it anywhere it calls for broth, to enhance food and to be a starter for a sauce.

2012 Nov 13
Yeah, 1tsp is 28% of your daily sodium which had me thinking.
I make all sorts of soups and I have never used this product. What would I sub it in for (besides salt).

2012 Nov 13
Tree Pug, can you tell me what the label says the sodium content is? I use this type of thing all the time for soups and gravies. For gravy, just mix some of the boullion with pan drippings if you have them, add water and thicken with a slurry. You can add herbs, mushrooms, etc. or whatever strikes your fancy. Just follow the label instructions for chicken broth to use when toy are making soups that call for it.

2012 Nov 13
I picked up the chicken flavour a while ago but I haven't had any use for it yet. Anyone have ideas?

2012 Nov 13
Saw the following Better Than Bouillon at Farm Boy (Britannia).

Beef (Organic)
Chicken (Organic)