Banc Sushi is located on 919 Montreal Road, Ottawa with over 180 all you can items.

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2011 Sep 21
Same price as Sushi Kan but much cleaner, fancier, and of course tastier. Just an overall higher quality sushi and the other non-sushi items were better here as well.

2011 May 8
Dined at Banc for the first time last night. For an AYCE, it was fine. The sushi was pretty fresh and the portions were generous. My only `criticism`is that I thought the maki lacked some taste given all the ingredients inside. The service was fine although there were some communication challenges. I would return.

2010 Mar 29
My family and I go to Banc Sushi once a week at least; we order take-out as well as dine in. We used to frequent top sushi restaurants like Suisha Gardens and Japanese Village but because the quality is so good, it's all you can eat, and the food arrives very fast without diminishing the quality of the sushi, we only go to Banc Sushi. We are regulars there,the owner is so nice, he knows us by name and always remembers what we like and usually order,there portions are generous but we pay a little extra to get the sashimi and sushi cut really thick and they always do a fabulous job! try it out, they have a wide selection of specialities in the menu, you won't be disappointed!!

2010 Jan 21
After the great time I had at 1000 sushi islands, I came to Banc sushi to see if their ayce was any better. Unforunately, for me it wasn't. My experience here was completely opposite from 1000 sushi islands - the food wasn't good and now I feel nauseous just at the thought of eating any more sushi. However, I have to take into consideration that I came in an hour before closing time so the chefs were probably tired and that could have effected the quality of the food.

Still, I won't be back. The sushi was covered in mayo and this almost made me vomit, plus the texture of the rice was very pasty and cold. I know everyone raved about the sweet potato tempura but I thought it was very bland, as was the shrimp tempura. At 1000 islands the tempura was crispy without being very oily. The dumplings were fine, a little oily but they were okay. The spring rolls are much better than the 1000 island sushi but still not great. Spicy beef udon noodle soup comes in a very small bowl which would be fine if the soup to noodle ratio was somewhat equal - instead I got too much noodles and the noodles weren't as soft as I like them, but the meat was tasty. At 1000 island however, the udon soup was literally perfect. They didn't have seafood rice like they do at 1000 island and I really liked that rice, but they have japanese fried rice and chicken fried rice but I didn't want to try it. I had never tried sushi pizza before and Lord I wish I hadn't, but I did. It was the spicy salmon pizza and the mayo-type sauce they had on there made me sick to my stomach. There was 8 sushi pieces left and luckily the waitress let me take it home without charging me for the leftover food.

One thing about banc sushi is that they had really great service and the waiters were much nicer than at 1000 sushi islands. At 1000 sushi islands you do have to chase the waitresses down to get their attention, but I'd rather have mediocre service with better quality food so I will be going back to 1000 sushi island from now on for my ayce. Plus, I find the food selection at 1000 islands 100x better and I think the price is cheaper on weekends (banc - dinner 22.99 sat sun, 1000 - dinner 19.99 sun, not sure about sat).

2009 Nov 27
Nigiri: Too much rice and too little fish. I would stick with rolls and handrolls instead.

Rolls: Excellent taste and just the right portion of rice.

Handrolls: Best handrolls at any of the AYCE restaurants. I highly recommend the spicy crispy salmon handroll.

Tempura: Their shrimp, scallop, and sweet potato tempura is not on the same level of Sushi Kan. I would order a small quantity first to try.

Overall a good meal if you don't fill yourself up with nigiri and tempura.

2009 Jun 23
Went to Banc Sushi last Friday with a few girl friends. We had made reservations for 6:30 and the place was already half full when we got there and packed by the time we left.

It was my first time going for AYCE and I wasn't too sure what kind of quality and service to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

We ordered a large selection of items (too many to remember) and most were quite good. My favourites were the Super Salmon Crispy Roll (Spicy salmon, Tempura bits on top of California roll), the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Sweet Potato Tempura (not usually a big fan of tempura but this one was good). Not a big fan of the non tempura/sushi items - I tried the Pan Fried Spicy Beef Udon and the Beef Teriyaki and was underwhelmed by both. My friends raved about the Banana Tempura but I can't say as I didn't try them. I must mention that everything I ate was fresh - no regrets later in the evening.

Service was okay. A few items were forgotten but we reminded them and the items were brought. Ackward moment when a waitress brought us our bills after the second round - uh, no... we're not done... - but I somewhat expected this from other AYCE reviews. Whatever, that didn't deter us! ;)

At $23 + tax and tip, I feel I got my values worth and would go back.

2009 Apr 30
Went to Banc Sushi last night. It was ok - but NO TUNA??? wth? sushi was ok, but the rice was a bit loose. We tried a larger variety of maki - most were pretty good. Ordered one called a "yum yum" basically they do a tempura fry on a maki, and I didn't particularly like it.

I think Hockey Sushi (other side of town) is a much better deal as you can get sashimi (supper), and well as tuna (anytime).

Service was prompt and pleasant - the place was maybe half full, @ 7:30 on a Wednesday night.

2009 Apr 6
Best AYCE sushi in Ottawa. We've tried Sakura, Sushi Kan and 1000 islands, and Banc sushi is the best.

The restaurant is decently big and the ambiance is better than the other AYCE restaurants.

They've got a good price at $13.99 for lunch, and on weekends you can order special rolls and 2x kinds of each sashimi. Dinner time, they have a very good menu and you can order anything for $19.99.

The servers were attentive for the most part, but sometimes we had to wait for them to get our paper order.

The miso soup wasn't anything to write about. They just put white miso paste and maybe dashi and minimal amounts of tofu. I did like their fried/agedashi tofu, which was served in it's dashi based broth.
There were fried scallops, and they were good. Nothing bad to say about deep fried scallops.

We ordered the spicy salmon and salmon nigiri. The rice here is very good for some reason, and there was a good amount of salmon in both the sushis.
We ordered more nigiri, as shown on the photograph. It was surf clam, salmon, "salmon rose", snapper, spicy butterfish and tobiko. They were all fresh and good, the salmon rose one was hard to eat and I think was there for presentation.

We had a temaki hand roll of spicy California, it was okay and a generous amount of filling. We ordered sushi pizzas; one butterfish and one salmon. Both good, but I would've loved more topping.

We had a spider roll, which was good.
The unagi roll had too much cucumber but was satisfactory.
We ordered a deep fried shrimp roll and it was GREAT. I highly recommend ordering this.

We didn't order ice cream, but it is offered at lunch as well as donburi, noodles, soups, everything. It's just the menu offers more sashimi and complex rolls at dinner.

I highly recommend this place.

2009 Feb 24
Tried out this place with my parents and my sister for lunch. The place looks kind of plain from the outside but very warm and comfortable inside.

Overall the food was excellent! I am comparing to 1000 Islands and Sushi Kan. Service was good as well.

My father works in the food industry and he is a very picky customer and he couldn't stop raving about Banc Sushi. I will definately go back again and strongly recommend it to anyone.

2008 Nov 16
My boyfriend and I tried this new place last night and the place was busy! There were no parking spaces and we had to park across from the restaurant. We went around 6:30 and the place was already busy. Around 7pm, there was a line up. We tried out their all you can eat sushi since it's what they served on the weekend, and it was good.

The salmon sashimi were fresh, the sushi and maki rolls were fresh and good. We ordered over 21 sashimi plus other special rolls and today, we're still in good health. The green salad is okay nothing special as Takara but the sushi and sashimi made it all up for the salad.

The restaurant opened recently, so if your orders take a while just ask the servers polite to inquire about the orders. I'm just glad there is an all you can eat sushi at the East end and I don't have to drive all the way to the West end for all you can eat sushi.

The prices for the weekend is starting at 22.99 for adult - same as Sushi Kan. I didn't try the miso soup but we will next time we go. Overall, we'll go again.




2009 Oct 19
Although this place does not have the best location, I have to say it is one of the best AYCE I have visited. The price in incredible for the freshness of the food, and the selection is much larger than most AYCEs. I recommend the spicy crispy butterfish roll, crunchy roll, spider roll and all of the the dragon rolls (those only available at dinner time). They have a wide variety of appetizers, noodle dishes and soups to choose from; the highlight of it I found to be the lemon chicken. Their sashimi portions are small so make sure to order more then the usual. Enjoy