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2012 Aug 2
I think New User 3830's post below is the first 'New User' type post which is not hyperbole.

This is the worst Chinese I've ever had, and I've had some pretty bad Chinese. Well, I didn't have it all. We stopped after finding a fly in the fried rice.

The BBQ pork seemed to have bright red paint around the edges, and was as dry as a bone. The veggies were a sickly grey colour swimming in murky liquid. The spring roll was a pathetic stale, hollow failure. The crepes were missing from the order. The noodles in the lo mein were stuck together and gummy. The meat was sparse.

Groupon refunded us the base amount, we never got a return call from the resto for the $6 extra we dropped, but we won't bother.

Terrible place.

2011 Dec 26
I placed an order online on their site at 5:22pm, received an order confirmation page, and called them at 6:35pm to find out when my order would be here. There was no answer and their mailbox was full, so It turns out they're closed even though their website states that they're open until 8:45pm. Would have been nice to know, extremely inconvenient.

2011 May 17
Must be the worst Chinese food I've ever eaten - even worse than Chinese restaurants in rural Ontario,

Ordered ribs - tough and stringy - seemed stale - in a chemically sauce.

The vegetable rice was well, stale too - short grain rice which must have been made yesterday. No texture to it, rice that had the 1960's - a Weston's White bread feel and taste.

Also ordered the Seven Vegetables with Shrimp - very bland and once again a taint of staleness.

Stay away - to top it off the counter stay are rude too.

2010 Aug 11
I used to find this place acceptable for low-brow Chinese food and would stop by about once or twice a month when I found myself in the area running errands, but the last time I went, the dish I ordered, which previously came with big chunks of tender chicken breast, instead featured a much smaller portion of stringy, overcooked brown meat. Disgusting. I ended up throwing away all the meat and just eating the vegetables and noodles. I definitely won't be back after that.

2010 Feb 11
Thanks for reporting, juniper182! I've updated the website address and changed the name to Ho Lee Pow.

2010 Feb 11
I was there the other day and they are still open.. seems like they are changing their name and going independent. I had a look at the new web site (holeepow.ca) and it's still no msg and everything is pretty much the same, pot stickers are gone which makes me sad but that's about it.
Not as good as some other places I've been but still better than a big mac and they are really pretty quick.

2009 Nov 10
Ok cool... back in business then! The website no longer works though -- I guess it was run by the Southern Ontario chapters of HLC.

2009 Nov 9
Just called - my aunt's lives around the corner and wanted to know - they are still open


2009 Nov 9
shutdown GTA operations only?


2009 Nov 8
Throwing in my two cents, it was still open as of Thursday. Is it possible that the Ottawa location(s) will be open for a bit longer still?