Cobra Ottawa - new foodie experience [General]

2010 Feb 6
I'm surprised I don't see any forum topics on this -- for the past few months chef Marc Lepine of Atelier has been sporadically retweeting posts from the Twitter account CobraOttawa ( CobraOttawa recently posted a link to the website , where there is a box to input your email address and not much else.

Just this morning I received an email asking me what my favourite potato chip flavour was, giving an outline of what Cobra is, and a few other things...I'm not going to post the full text of the email because I kind of like the mystery surrounding the whole thing (I'm sure another foodie will post it eventually), but all OttawaFoodies should definitely sign up!

2010 Feb 8
Zym - Maybe so as you recall, but he was definitely around mid 1980s (as I said I remember due to the kid's Bday Cards). Out of curiosity, I did a GOOGLE Search and found this reference to Zeddy & The Canadian Red Cross, and it says he was the Zellers Mascot since 1986 =

LOL, I believe we at one time had one of the bears pictured... I seem to remember the yellow sweater.

2012 Apr 19
Sadly I wonder whether this is still alive? I saw Marc Lepine's tweet about the 100 course menu for CharliesBurgers, whose web page looks Cobra like (wouldn't take much). Does anyone know if Charlotte Langley was the driving force for Cobra or if there are plans to do it again?