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2012 Mar 30
after 5 years of employment, we decided need a change

2011 Aug 23
Had lunch with a co-worker at L'Ange Cafe yesterday. I could have chosen a better lunch option from the menu, but I was happy with my shrimp wrap (I would say burrito) with 5 onion soup and salad. The wrap had nice pieces of shrimp, black bean puree, flavorful Mexican rice, and a nice creamy sauce. The soup was tasty, composed of LOTS OF ONIONS, potato puree and a hefty dose of pepper. The soup was a tad on the salty side, but over all very yummi. The side salad was fine, but I was a little disappointed with the dressing. It tasted like balsamic dressing out of a bottle.

At 20 dollars for this particular dish, I didn't feel I got great value. I should have ordered duck or something worth more in foodie currency.

I'll be back to try something else soon - I'm intrigued.

2010 Jun 12
L'Ange has a pretty stellar selection of apps as well, if I recall correctly. There need to be more places like this in Ottawa - sweet little patio, unique food + a great vibe.

2010 Jun 11
Stopped in to L'Ange Cafe for lunch today and was extremely delighted when I saw the patio -- it is so cute, quite small and the decor reminded me of Europe. The afternoon was perfect and really illustrated the good part of Sparks St. It wasn't too-too busy, although the patio space did fill up quickly. My three friends and I arrived around 11:50 a.m. on a Friday.
I ordered the Salade Nicoise (Salata Nicea) and a glass of house red. The salad was delicious, topped with a big chunk of Albacore tuna, cooked medium. They serve Ace baguette upon our arrival, so I was completely happy to sit and enjoy my wine, baguette and salad. What a lovely break from work.
Two of my friends had sandwich, salad and soup combos, and the other had an encrusted pork dish. They were all pleased with their meals. The only complaint was that it cost more than we typically spend for lunch.
The portions were medium sized. This always pleases me. I'd rather walk away from lunch not feeling like a walrus. (I know! I know! I should just stop when I'm satiated!)
Cost - $20-30 per person
Overall - B+ (only because of the cost)
Summary - A lovely, pleasant place for lunch. The food is great, but the atmosphere/ambiance is the highlight.

2009 Jan 16
lady who brunches This type of service is typical of L'Ange. I have eaten there a couple of times (once ordering the soup and sandwich special and the other time ordering something a la carte). I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service was top notch but very slow. Both times took half an hour before our orders were taken (and there were only two of us on both occasions!) then another 45 minutes before our food arrived. I just made a note to self if I ever go back I should plan on staying awhile. Glad you enjoyed your lunch though.

2009 Jan 16
L'Ange has existed at least since 2001 (there is a review from Gay Cooke in the women's washroom).

Fourteen coworkers and I came here for lunch today as a sendoff to one of the women who is going on maternity leave next week. A very big party indeed and they were definitely well-equipped to seat us. Though, I think that was about all they were equipped for.

10 of us arrived at around 11:30 and were seated immediately and brought water. We mentioned that we wanted to order drinks while we waited, but the server disappeared and didn't come back. This kind of behaviour was seen throughout the rest of the meal, where little was refilled and he didn't come back to ask how things were.

I ordered a Yuchatan tofu mole--tofu (not sure how/if it was cooked) with a very spicy mole sauce. Usually, I don't like mole because I find it too sweet/chocolatey. This one I was fond of, but it didn't taste like mole at all! It tasted like a spicy curry sauce with cocoa added in for colour. It came with a nice, but rather plain salad and very, very, very bland squash puree. I hate flavouring my food in restaurants, I find it rude, but I did it here. The portions were also not huge given the $16 price (3 slices of tofu and a very small ramekin of the puree).

The best deal, by far, is their sandwiches. As BigMouth mentioned, they come with both soup and salad, and relatively good portions of both, for around $14-$16. Their beer is also absolutely delicious (Heritage) and they have a wide selection of bottled as well.

In the end, our lunch took two hours(!!!). The length of time from ordering our food to its arrival was fairly short, but the time it took for us to order drinks, get drinks, and then finally order food was quite lengthy. Getting the bill was like pulling teeth. In fact, one of my coworkers eventually stood up and made a beeline for their cash register--the rest of us followed suit. I get that we were 15 separate bills, but perhaps that could have been prepared sooner rather than later (the place was fairly quiet, and there were three servers)?

Maybe my hopes were set a bit too high, but in the end I was dissapointed. Not so much as to never return again, but I definitely wasn't so thrilled that I will be back on a regular basis.

2008 Aug 6
I'm surprised no previous postings existed for L'Ange. While I don't know the history of the resto, I think it has existed for some time. It's hard not to miss it (particularly in summer time), even amid the many other buildings along Sparks St.

I dined at L'Ange sometime last week. It was my second time there. We sat on their patio -- a setting which is almost 'painting-like'. The area is fenced in by wrought-iron gates and the various tables are adorned with brightly coloured umbrellas for patrons seeking refuge from that sunny part of Sparks St.

Making a lunch decision was not easy. The entire menu was very appealing. One of my dining companions and I both opted for the triple A-steak wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. The sandwich was paired with two sides: soup (I selected minestrone) and salad. Another friend ordered the grilled vegetables on panini with soup and salad; while another one went for the smoked salmon on panini with soup (cold fruit melange) and sald. The meal was quite good. The steak was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The minestrone soup was a bit on the tepid side and actually could have been out of a can. The salad was fresh and lightly dressed with a lovely peanut sauce.

Overall, the dining experience was very enjoyable. I didn't take the opportunity this time to peruse the shelves of the Mustard Shop -- next time.


2011 Oct 2
the albacore i serve is wild caught and sustainable. i moving more and more towards sustainable as much as the owner will allow she still likes farmraised salmon but this summer i've been using more sustainable sockeye and coho salmon for the menu and as much wild caught california white shrimp (mostly for specials)