Catch of the day at Arome
Catch of the day at Arome
Catch of the day at Arome
Catch of the day at Arome
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2009 Jun 18
I like fish and this was the Tilapia (a bit overburned as shown from the photo).

P.S. I used to like their wild rice (they give you a bowl of wild rice and a bowl of meshed potato for every one to share). Somehow, the chef has changed the way they cook the wild rice. There were more white rice than wild rice and the rice wasn't as tasty as it was.

2009 Jan 17
Ordered their "catch of the day" again. This time, a different cooking version of their Sea Bass. Very fresh and tasty!

For this dish, wild rice (in a separate bowl) was included for every one to share. All my friends agreed that the wild rice was very delicious and liked the wild rice very much. This time, white rice was added and mixed with the wild rice. The rice taste wasn't as good as last time.

2008 Dec 16
You can't go wrong with the "catch of the day" which includes red tuna, salmon or sea bass for selection.

Interesting that all the ladies ordered Sea Bass. (I think we were bored with salmon and tuna.) All the ladies like their "catch of the day". The Sea Bass was absolutely splendid! Highly recommended.

2007 Oct 29
Ashley - looks like it's Mahi-Mahi

2007 Oct 29
I ordered their catch of the day. I really don't know what fish it was. The server told me it was called Mei Mei and I had no idea of what type of fish it was. I joked to the server if this was Chinese fish.

Any clue about what kind of fish it was (sounds like Mei Mei, or nei nei)? All I know is it is ocean fish.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.