Foods from Lieutenant's Pump

2013 Dec 19
Date of Visit: December 4, 2013

I have planned to visit this place ever since I first saw it from the nearby, but now defunct, Big Daddy’s Crab Shack. As it happened, it was only on this last trip to Ottawa that I finally got around to it but I am happy to report that the visit was worth the wait…

The Meal
Lamb Burger with Feta Cheese and Cumin Mayonnaise
Rating: 3 out of 5

My experience at this cozy and inviting place was very pleasant and my meal was decent and filling. All in all, this is a really nice little pub and I would be happy to come back just for drinks or else to sample some of there other dishes. I rate it at a 4 out of 5.

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2013 Dec 16
I understand that their meatloaf sandwich used to be on their regular lunch menu but now only appears as a special. Lucky for me that the meatloaf gods were smiling upon me as I went on a day when they were offering this delicious meal. The meatloaf was piled on my choice of bread (of course white ) and topped with a great gravy and fried onions. Huge portion with mashed potatoes had me nodding off a few hours later. My only quibble was that they has put ketchup on the bread for me. I love ketchup but I do like the option of using it. If you see this on the menu, order it!

2013 Sep 29
We have been at Lieutenant's pump for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Service is great and there daily special wonderful. Sunday night we had the Roast beef with all the trimings for $12.95 fantastic value and great service. On Elgin it is one of the great places to eat.

2012 Apr 12
I went here for lunch and had one of the best burgers i've had in Ottawa. Table 23's burger was a big beautifully grilled slab on a solid bun topped with Brie, bacon, and mushrooms. A heart stopper for sure but terrific taste and the burger maintained it's integrity almost right to the end. The fries, with ketchup, were great in that dark fried way that used to be common in the old country. Maybe only eat this once a month but next month can't get here soon enough.

2010 Feb 12
I give this place a THUMBS UP.

I like the selection of beer, very friendly service, nice atmosphere, and good food.

This is one of the shortest reviews I've written. Why? Cuz it's simply good. No complaints really. Well except for the tiny men's

2009 Jun 9
Read on Chowhound that it was OK for wings, which was exactly that, OK.

Good enough to be an appetizer, but not good enough to make a wings night out of it. The wings themselves were kind of small. The hot ones were OK but the sauce on the BBQ wings didn't really connect with the wings themselves. Cajun was also OK.

Service was kind of brisk, not impolite, but hardly warm.

2009 May 17
Well if you've been there before, they serve fresh fruit with pretty much any breakfast. There's also a yogurt with bananas on the menu. On the day in question, they told us that they did have bananas, but we couldn't have one because they only could serve them in the yogurt. My friend was prepared to pay for it and everything. She didn't say that they were running out of them or anything. Just that, they could only be served in yogurt. I thought it was a bit insensitive.

Oh, and the waitress told us to go across the street to Boushey's and buy a banana if we wanted one. Because that's the point of going to a restaurant, right? Going to the grocery store and buying food? : )

2009 May 17
Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly - they indicated that they do HAVE bananas lying around the kitchen but would not sell you one? Just wondering because if bananas were not part of the regular menu it would be unlikely they would have any in store...

2009 May 17
Used to live above the Pump so we went here a lot. It's worth it for breakfast, which is good for the price. However, lunch/dinner food is not usually that good (I remember having curry once, which was horrible). But, the atmosphere is nice, other than the fact that 80% of the waitresses appear to be 15 year old girls in miniskirts (am I the only one who notices this?).

I am bothered by the amount of times they will ask you if you want more coffee there. I suppose it's nice, but I believe my record is 9 times. I find it harassing. Also, we went once with a friend whose baby is allergic to most everything. She asked for a banana, but they refused to give her one (at breakfast) and we all thought this was ridiculous. So while breakfast is okay, this is a place I will probably avoid now that I don't live close to it.

2008 Aug 11
Nanook - Somewhat off topic...
I think if we all admitted it everyone has a "love hate" relationship with some place in their foodie lives, the place that for whatever reason one continues to go back to... I know I do. Might make for an interesting forum discussion.




2009 Nov 11
My parents have been taking us here for Saturday brunch for as long as I can remember (guesstimate 8 years).As creatures of habit we always order the same thing:
Dad: eggs Benedict (I'm pretty sure this is on back bacon)
Mom: omelet special of the day. I always sneak a bite and they usually use a good cheese, though they are never good enough for me to think to order them the next weekend
Myself and sister: eggs Portuguese. poached eggs on potato pancakes with sliced tomatoes and basil hollandaise sauce. Notably absent is basil, but it is still our fave!
The benedicts are always delicious and even the portugaise which comes on potato pancakes still comes with amazing home fries. It comes with a selection of somewhat to overly ripe fruit (slices of melon, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, pineapple and kiwi)oh and a small chocolate
(the kind they sell at costco, maybe even the kirkland brand I cant remember for sure)
the coffee is decent at best, but free refills are aplenty. To give everyone a heads up, the later you go the more likely you will wait at the tiny crowded entrance.




2011 Aug 21
Breakfast is now $5.95 -- 2 eggs, meat, fruit, potatoes and toast -- and I'm not sure if coffee is free or not as I don't drink it. It's a fine breakfast considering some of the others around. Extra charge for any bread that's not brown or white or for some other substitutions as well.

Service was very friendly and quick, for the most part. One of my friends endured quite the delay but the meal was comped at the end so I'll give them a tip of the hat.

2006 Oct 11
I'm an avid breakfast hunter, and I have to say Lieutenants Pump has the best breakfast I've tried in Ottawa.

I usually order 2 over-easy, ham and salad instead of potatoes.

The ham is lean. The eggs are fried to perfection without any "debris" from other foods stuck in them. The salad is delicious with fresh mixed greens, and plentiful. You get at least 2 servings of fresh fruit on your plate, including melon, pineapple and strawberries.

Presentation is beautiful with a chocolate for dessert, and all you can drink rich coffee. All for $4.50.

Highly recommended to those of you who love a "healthy" pub breakfast.


2007 Apr 18
One of the better places in the city for it, though I'm open to suggestions -- never having quite gotten over the Elephant & Castle taking it off their menu; that was truly great fried zucchini...