This vendor no longer exists!

Tags: Centretown · Lebanese
205 Bank Street

Formerly called Shawarma Queen.

Foods from Shawarma Town

2008 Nov 15
Now called "Shawarma Town" The young couple that works there (husband and wife) now own the joint and have done a great job cleaning up the eating area and have added some HD TVs. I been to many Shawarma places in Ottawa as well as in the Middle East - they still have one of the best Garlic sauces and fill the bread up to the max. The long lines outside the shop probably indicated why. I try to get there around 11:45 to get the Chicken right off the first cut and grab a seat. The owner seems to always look grumpy but can not be one of the nicest owner I have meet. I wish them well, but with the quality of the food, service, always Ottawa Suns and Arabs papers to read and the new TVs - I do not think that will be a problem