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Oil extracted from tree-ripened olives. Comes in a wide range of types and origins and can be used both as a cooking medium as well as an ingredient in a dish.

Where to get Olive Oil

2012 Nov 19
For fresh premium olive oils go to The Unrefined Olive at 151A second Avenue in the Glebe. Crush and production dates provided along with tasting notes.

2007 Jan 2
Another great spot for olive oil (and deli, cheese, coffee, pasta - wowsa!) is La Bottega in the market. They have a vast selection of oils with many listing the acidity level (a lot of 0.3's if I remember correctly). Also, they've recently renovated so there's room to move around in there finally. Olé! Worth a trip. I never leave this store without a bag.

2007 Jan 1
Does anyone know where to get good quality, fresh-pressed olive oil here in Ottawa? I have looked around a bit but haven't had much luck getting something that isn't infused with herbs and spices or isn't flavourless.

What got me thinking about it: We're about half way done a bottle of extra virgin fresh-press olive oil from the south of France. This stuff actually takes as it should: like olives! We purchased it from O&Co while we were in Paris. Unfortunately, there is no O&Co in Ottawa.


2010 Jan 6
i never knew aout the acidity label. thanks! I'll look out for that!

2007 Jan 2
Perfect! Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to grab a can or bottle next time I'm in that neck of the woods.

2007 Jan 1
I like to buy my olive oil from this Portuguese grocery store. They sell 1 litre cans for around $7, and it's the bold-tasting fruity Portuguese olive oil that I like so much. Look for low acidity <= 0.7%.

In general, an olive oil that doesn't declare its acidity on the label is inferior. There's a possibility that it is okay but is targetted at customers that don't know or care (i.e. 99% of North Americans). But why take the chance?


2013 Apr 29
We've tried only a few bottles of vinegar so far, but they are out of this world. Definitely worth a visit--and pretty hard to leave without buying something if you actually do a tasting.

2009 Nov 14
I stayed with family in Ottawa over the last summer and while I was there we ordered olive oils twice from The Olive Oil Emporium. Very unique oils from Greece and Spain, and other countries too. I moved back to toronto in September, and I have continued to buy from here also. I think they are only online, but really great oils. see their website




2008 Oct 23
La Bottega sells L'Aspromontano virgin olive oil. It has a high smoke point so I can use it for stir fries and it is much more flavourful than grape seed oil.


2007 May 27
They have a wide variety of imported olive oils, even two selections of "bottle your own". I beg fellow Ottawa foodies to blow a little cash on some higher quality stuff to taste the difference, it's incredible.


2007 Mar 19
Great selection - also found a wonderful olive oil that is unfiltered and freshly bottled from Italy...and they can't stock it fast enough. Talk to staff and they can recommend type of oil to suit your foodie flavours.

2007 Feb 2

The Byward Market Location (at 64 on George Street) has a very good selection of olive oils from all over Italian regions (Lazio, Puglia, Sicilia, Calabria, Umbria, Toscana, and even the Alpine Lombardia). Many of these are low in acidity and light, since they're pressed at low temperatures: ideal choices for dressing any kind of bruschetta and fresh salads. To try also some Greek olive oils.