Portuguese grocery store, specializing in hard to find Portuguese and Brazilian products.

They have a facebook group: www.facebook.com

Rissoles at Mario's Food Centre
Coffee at Mario's Food Centre
Foods from Mario's Food Centre

2011 Jul 22
Hello, I live in Halifax and I would like to know if you sell queijo de sao jorge, chourico, mermelada, etc.. Portuguese foods.

Please advise and I will drive up.. hehe..

Obrigado. Ate breve.


2008 Jun 21
I was here for groceries today and chatted a little with Filipe, the owner. He was most congenial and extremely useful in helping me select a bottle of olive oil. The Portuguese are known for their genuine friendliness and this store is no exception.

I've added their new website to the entry on this page. Go read the history there, it will make you wish we had more stores like this one!


2010 Jan 6
i never knew aout the acidity label. thanks! I'll look out for that!

2007 Jan 2
Perfect! Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to grab a can or bottle next time I'm in that neck of the woods.

2007 Jan 1
I like to buy my olive oil from this Portuguese grocery store. They sell 1 litre cans for around $7, and it's the bold-tasting fruity Portuguese olive oil that I like so much. Look for low acidity <= 0.7%.

In general, an olive oil that doesn't declare its acidity on the label is inferior. There's a possibility that it is okay but is targetted at customers that don't know or care (i.e. 99% of North Americans). But why take the chance?

2008 Jun 21
This is the only place in town I know of that sells the tasty Portuguese Delta coffee. When I was there today they had whole bean, regular grind, and espresso grind available for sale.

2008 Jun 22
They sell 10 frozen Rissóis de Camarão (shrimp rissoles) for $3.99. I made half of them part of this delicious bachelor meal as a tribute to my wife and kids who are off vacationing in Portugal right now. In the photo you see half the rissóis, a nice big organic tomato (delivered by Life Organic Life Organic) with sliced green chilis and a drizzle of PC Basil Parmesan vinaigrette, a Portuguese roll, and a Caipirinha!