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2015 Aug 19
Orleans Location

Stopped in last week for lunch and will be back. Everything was great. Standard chicken strips and french fries. I usually don't eat the half bun.

2015 Apr 26
St. Hubert is a favourite take-out option for our family. As much as we enjoy it as a special treat, over the past few months we've had nothing but trouble with our orders at the Orleans location.

The main dishes, which comes in the distinctive yellow boxes, are always fine (usually the Zoo for the kids, quarter chicken for adults). However, there's always a paper bag containing all of the accompanying stuff (coleslaw, salads, sauces, desserts). I can't recall the last time there wasn't an issue with this part of our order. I have now taken to opening the bag at the take-out counter and verifying the contents. This week, the kids desserts had been missed and the sauces were wrong. Usually, it's the coleslaw that's forgotten.

2010 Feb 26
I wasn't expecting much from St. Hubert to be honest with you. I thought it'd be just a normal Chicken place.

I was so wrong.
The service was great. For reference I've eaten in the Gatineau location. I could speak French just fine but the lady knew that English was my dominant tongue! Haha. So she made an effort and she always came back filling our drinks, taking our plates, etc.

To the food:

The coleslaw was delicious. Since we were a big group we got to eat both coleslaws (creamy + normal vinaigrette) ... I normally hate coleslaw but this was so good. I cannot emphasize it ENOUGH.

I got "Cuisse" (I think it was thigh + drumstick) and Rib combo with the fries. I finished everything on my plate. The BBQ sauce was excellent, the ribs were fall off the bone melt in your mouth (the sauce... oh my god) and the chicken was juicy and crispy. Delicious! The fries were just fries.

Afterwards I made room for dessert. Their Pouding chomeur was to die for. My boyfriend got the chocolate brownie and it looked good too!

Definitely would go back.

2008 Oct 16

Ate dinner here on the weekend after going to see Cirque de Soleil in the east end. As it was about 8 PM the place wasn’t busy… unlike the Orleans location which we had tried to get into the night before. (Can you tell we were now in the midst of an all-out craving?)

Our server was very friendly and immediately took our drink order. “The Man” chose a pint of Keith’s, while I opted for a glass of RH Philips Shyrah… although they have a limited wine list available by the glass, a pour is available in two sizes (5 ounces or 7)… and the wine glasses are a good size here and come with the pour marks etched into the glass (all nice touches).

Both of us ordered the regular Quarter Chicken Dinner, that comes with fries, bun and that trademark St. Hubert dipping sauce. The meal of course is accompanied by unlimited coleslaw, we chose the original recipe one (vinaigrette vs creamy). The chicken was a large portion and very tasty, cooked well… but at the same it wasn’t dried out, nice and moist, and the skin was crispy. Although we both opted for the regular meal, the portion was HUGE, we commented that it was a good thing we hadn’t ordered any additional items… we left the restaurant very full and satisfied.

Dinner came to $ 37.60 before tax and tip, an overall good meal and an exceptional value.

Rotisserie Chicken is standard family restaurant fare, but St. Hubert continues IMO to lead the pack among the well-known chains… but then again they’ve been doing it the longest (since 1951), it’s almost like they invented Rotisserie Chicken.

--- --- ---

Momomoto - You'll be happy to know that tradition lives on.... toasted half hamburger buns are still the norm.

2008 Apr 25
I am one of those people who prefer St. Hubert over Swiss Chalet, although I too haven't been to St. Hubert in at least a year.

Kbb & Momomoto - I agree, if you live anywhere west of centretown then hopping across the Portage Bridge to the Hull-Gatineau location on Maisonneuve Blvd. (the street the bridge dumps you out on) and just two blocks north of St-Laurent Blvd. is super convenient.

McSheffrey - Funny, my experience seems to have been the opposite, whereby the chicken portions at Swiss Chalet have been inconsisent in size. I've NEVER been disappointed with a meal at St. Hubert and I've been eating there for over 40 years!

AS AN ASIDE - I notice that MapQuest still shows a location on Richmond Road... gee-whiz it hasn't been there in how long? Talk about technology behind the times!

2008 Apr 24
St. Hubert was ordered for a working lunch I attended a few months ago. Not sure which location my colleague ordered from, but I was definitely given half of a toasted hamburger bun. I recall this distinctly, because it reminded me of rib shacks on the south side of Chicago, with names such as "Mo' Better Ribs" and "Get Busy Ribs" -- they throw a really cheap piece of white bread on top of your fries.

2008 Apr 24
Momomoto: I'm pretty sure that the last time I went to St Hubert (about a year ago) the hamburger bun had been replaced by a dinner roll.

kbb: You can avoid a trip to the east end and hop across the river at the Portage bridge...there's a nice updated St Hubert just past Place du Portage on the left. I like stopping here on my way back from skiing.

Overall, I would take St Hubert over Swiss Chalet any day. Their gravy has a nice spicy touch to it that I love, and their old problem of hugely inconsistent portion sizes for their chicken have disappeared based on the last 2 or 3 visits I made.

2008 Apr 23
kbb: I haven't been to a St Hubert on this side of the river. Do they still give you that toasted half of a hamburger bun on the side?

2008 Apr 23
Went here for dinner for the quarter chicken in mid-April. It was standard same-ol same ol rotisserie, but yummy.

hubby ordered us coffee but then we realized that rather than paying 2.15 for 5 bucks you can get coffee + dessert + soup - good deal.

Their coffee was a bit weak. The pouding chômeur was yummy, if a little bit dry.

We don't even go here more than once a year since it's only in the east end and we live in the west. ah well.

2007 Jun 7
This place uses WAY too much MSG. I called them one time to figure out what had MSG in it and they essentially told me on the phone that it would be easier to tell me what didn't.

Swiss Chalet mostly avoids it (even the gravy is safe), so I'm sticking to that place instead for my rotisserie needs :D.



2009 Jan 15
Better than Swiss Chalet. Chicken skin is tastier and maybe crispier? Sauce is tastier.

They have really good desserts too. Love their sugar pie!

2008 Oct 16
The Rotisserie Chicken here is always fabulous, portions are large and tasty. It is cooked well and yet at the same time it is moist, and not dried out. The skin is crispy and yummy.

"The Man" likes his chicken very well done, so they always put it on the grill for a few extra minutes... it comes to the table with those diagonal grill marks. And he has always been happy with it.

IMO St Hubert has the best Rotisserie Chicken I have ever tasted.


2009 Jan 15
They have the most excellent sugar pie here. I don't know if you can buy a whole pie though. (Sugar pie is like the filling of pecan pie but I think they use cream instead of eggs.)