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Standard dessert pie. Apple, cherry, blueberry, lemon meringue -- you name it!

Where to get Pie

2007 May 5
The pie at the 3 Tarts bakery is pretty good. Also we had a blueberry from Parma Ravioli. Interesting place to get dessert but it was quite good and very homemade tasting.

2007 Apr 30
I had a request for good pie shops in Ottawa and realised I don't know of any. If I'm looking for, say, a traditional two-crust (covered top) apple pie, where should I go?




2012 Mar 23
Had the peach vanilla bean pie last week. First time in the store. I only wanted three pieces but was told they don't sell slices. Service was pleasant enough. The pie itself was just ok. Too much crust and very little fruit. For $15.00 I did not find it was really worth it. The farmer's market pies at the grocery store are as good and way cheaper. I will try again in case it was an off day.

2010 Aug 12
GREAT Pies! Plus they are moving to Bank Street in September 2010! Can't wait!


2009 Jan 15
They have the most excellent sugar pie here. I don't know if you can buy a whole pie though. (Sugar pie is like the filling of pecan pie but I think they use cream instead of eggs.)

2009 Oct 2
While they're not exactly high quality, I have to admit that I do like the pies at Perkins. Their caramel apple is decadently sweet and a nice, rich treat. Their chocolate silk resembles chocolate pudding under a mass of whipped cream and chocolate shavings, but even then, it's quite addictive and there's no way you can stop at one piece. Right now for breakfast, I'm chowing down on a coconut cream pie from them, and while there's a hint of chemical taste, it's not nearly as prevalent as most mass-produced commercial baked goods and the flavours are quite nice as evidenced by the hefty dent I've put in it, sitting here with the pie plate and a fork. They also put in a nice amount of detail with respect to appearance, from the aforementioned chocolate shavings on the silk chocolate pie to the toasted coconut on the coconut cream.

Pretty good value for $12... a huge step up from the garbage pies they sell at the grocery stores that usually taste like fruit swimming in a gluey, cornstarch rich paste, wedged into a cheap, tough crust (ick)!