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A tourtière is a meat pie originating from Quebec, usually made with ground pork and/or veal, or beef. It is a traditional Christmas and New Year's Eve dish in La Belle Province.

Tourtière at Les Fougères
Where to get Tourtière

2011 Jan 25
Saslove's in Wellington West has some seriously good tourtiere. Goes really nicely with a jar of whatever relish or jam they happen to have there.

2011 Jan 23
I have tried tourtieres at BearBrook Game Meats Inc., the pork, the beef and pork, the pork and emu and the latest Turkey is by far the best, not to mention the Buffalo, Elk & Wild Boar, simply delicious


2006 Oct 2
I recall this being a reasonably satisfying version -- though my tourtière experiences include only 5-10 sources. They sell it by the slice, but I bought the whole pie for some fairly extortionate price.


2012 Jan 26
The Tourtiere was awesome. Moist, tasty and rich. I don't recall ever having Tourtiere before so I can't comment on authenticity, but I would definitely recommend it.




2011 Nov 30
blubarry - we were there at the same time. I was sitting in the main section at the middle table.

We really do need some sort of foodie pin/symbol.

2011 Nov 29
lovetoeat, we must have been there at the same time. We enjoyed the tourtiere around 1:30 this afternoon. It is as good as you noted, and loved the homemade ketchup too. The salad on the side was full of all kinds of good things; brie, walnuts, apples, cucumbers, fresh dill. A great deal for $8.95. Also enjoyed the borscht and a delicious pecan tart that had a melt in your mouth crust.

2011 Nov 29
Oh my oh my! I had a late lunch there today and enjoyed the tourtiere served with Kevins homemade ketchup.

The meat is moist and has hints of clove, cinnamon and maple in it. The pastry stands up to the dense generous filling without taking over the flavour. It's better than my grandmothers tourtiere.

It was so good I had to bring a whole pie home with me.

Lunch served with a generous side of arugula salad was 8.95. The whole pie was 24.95. Both I felt were fair prices for the quality and quantity.


2009 Jul 21
they do a mean tourtiere here, in addition to steak pies and chicken pies. all 3 have a nice crust and are chock full of meaty goodness. very simple "like mom used to make" stuff.

at about $7 a pop there's always one in our freezer.





2010 Mar 26
Hi Ashley,
I can't help but reply to such inane commentary. You DID overcook the pie... that's why it was dry. Also, how can you trust a kid to enjoy fine cuisine? They would rather eat a Big Mac than a duck confit... does that mean that Big Mac is better??? I hope not.

2009 Jul 10
I had the mushroom tourtière here at brunch once and it was excellent! A nice variety of mushrooms, with different flavors and textures. It was served with a homemade ketchup and relish that were also excellent and a nice light salad.

2008 Jan 18
My husband and I have been getting tourtieres made by Les Fougeres for 3 years now. They are still sold at CA Paradis...just got some last month...but I believe they are only sold for a couple months at the beginning of winter (?start selling them in Dec).

They have a wide variety and changes a bit each year though they have some that are 'regular'. We usually get about 5-10 in Dec before the holidays and put them in the freezer. One year we hosted a Dec 24th party for 20 some people. We put out 4 different types (2 of each) and they were a hit. Great for impromptu gueats or just a nice dinner on a cold wintery day. They serve 6 small or 5 large portions.

The caribou is without a doubt the favorite every time. I serve it with a cranberry sauce with some spices (ginger, nutmeg), OJ, and lemon juice mixed in like a cumberland sauce. I usually have wild rice or egg noodles with it and some great veggies and the meal is soooo Canadian:)

They are not 'deep dish' type tourtieres but more of a gourmet style. The trick to them is also to serve with a good sauce. Most tourtieres need some type of sauce. I really like to use peach chutney(Loblaws sells a good one), or mushroom sauce.

2007 Dec 12
Before I stepped inside the restaurant, I went to check their store right next to the restaurant. I wanted to try their Tourtières. Originally, I picked up their chicken Tourtières ($15 per box). But then I asked their staff what their best seller was. She told me that their duck and caribou tourtières were their best sellers. So, I put the chicken tourtières back to the freezer and bought the duck tourtières instead.

When I went home, I put the whole box in the fridge's bottom rack to defrost for next day baking. Basically, I baked the pie in the oven at 350 degree for 20 minutes (as per instruction). When I checked it out, the crust was not brown yet. So, I added another 20 minutes. I guess that their instruction must be written based on their restaurant oven and not residential oven.

I cut the pie and asked my younger son to try it out for lunch first. I was surprised to see that the duck meat inside was only minced meat blended in together (not meat in chunk or cubes). It looked pretty dry to me. My younger son told me that the pie was okay. I asked him if he wanted another one. He told me “no, thanks”. He asked me if he can have the instant Kimchi Noodles bowl instead (those I bought from Costco).

I also let my elder son’s girl friend to try the duck tourtière. She has a very good taste bud (under the influence of her dad; her dad is a chef in the east coast). She told me that the pie tasted okay. But I asked her if she wanted more and her answer was the same as my son “no, thanks”. Instead, she ate the congee I made for lunch.

My husband and I didn’t feel like eating the pie since we were too full already. So, I wrapped the pie with Sarah wrap and put the pie in my fridge. My husband tried it out next day and he told me that the pie was okay, but nothing special.

I haven’t been able to find any place that can make pie equivalent to those Aussie pies. I missed the meat pie I ate in Australia. They were so good! Can any Australian foodies here tell me where I can find Aussie pie in Ottawa?

2007 Sep 8
If you want the local version, Les Fougeres sells frozen tortieres that are great.

They have been available in the past at C.A. Paradis on Bank St.; haven't been there recently, so don't know if that's still the case.

2010 Dec 9
I got to try one of the samples on the counter today - very good! Would definitely buy some if I were not unemployed.

2006 Dec 5
From a quest for great Tourtière by "seanchaidh" on LiveJournal (

"So far, so good. Both myself and my Acadian roommate are enjoying it; it reminds my roomie of her grandmother's tourtiere."