Sandwiches at Ivan's Meats and Deli
Sandwiches at Ivan's Meats and Deli
Sandwiches at Ivan's Meats and Deli
Sandwiches at Ivan's Meats and Deli
Foods from Ivan's Meats and Deli

2015 Jan 21
Sadness is finding out from them that they will no longer be making and selling home made perogies. I could cry.

2014 Apr 22
Been living in Stittsville for a few years but never really ventured near Ivan't deli since it's not on my usual route and I thought that getting my meat from Independant or Farmboy was good enough for winter and some from the farmer's market in the summer. Oh what a mistake that was. Ivan will order whatever you need and sources his product from nearby farmers when possible which is a big plus in my opinion.

Haven't tried their meals ready to go but the kabobs I bought were great, so was the pork leg shank (amazing roast for Easter). Pork bellies are now on order and I'll make bacon.

Thinking of buying my steaks from him instead since he can also get the full subprimal cut. I currently buy it from costco (subprimal only, not the cut steaks since they are all tenderized!) but will likely buy from him instead since he can get it dry aged instead of wet.

2013 Nov 12
Decided to try out Ivan's. The place was abuzz because it was lunchtime and the "big" sandwiches were flying out of the deli bar. But, I can get one of those when I finish choosing my weekly supply of hormone and antibiotic free (HABF) meats. I picked up an array of different cuts including a pair of free run chickens. Since there are two of us, I asked if they could be cut into pieces. With an ever so friendly reply, Ivan had them in packages for two in just a few minutes. And, the bones were packed up to make soup - no waste. That's service. I left with my purchases - including one of those awesome sandwiches.

Well, I cooked up some of my goodies over the next few days and was very pleased with the quality, taste and tenderness of each. The chicken tasted decidely better than anything else I had in the past. Very flavourful. I made the soup and it was also very tasty. Oh - and the sandwich! I cut it in half and had two lunches - delicious and economical.

[FF: Yes, this post was written by an Ivan's insider.]

2012 Jul 16
Stopped by on the weekend and bought some of their beef patties. They were very good, but did shrink a lot so keep that in mind re: the proper bun. I bough calabrese buns as it looked as though they were the right size for the patty but a regular hamburger bun would have been more appropriate. We also bought some of their marinated chicken wings and they were fabulous. Finally, we bought a sandwich and shared it. It was tasty and excellent value for $3.99.

2012 Jul 13
I live in Stittsville and I finally stopped in last night to try the food. I bought what Ivan calls European sausages (but I know them by another name because my husband is from Bosnia) and they were delicious! Ivan makes them himself and they smelled so good on the BBQ and tasted even better. Can hardly wait to try the other things we bought. He is also a really nice guy so it was a pleasure being his customer.

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

I liked it so much that I had to create an account just to comment. :)

2012 Jul 11
I stop in regularly for sausages (and his awesome spicy pepperettes), but never considered getting ground beef before reading BigLar's post. So I tried it.

Ivan was out of it, and his machines were dirty from making sausage so he couldn't grind anything new. He had some seasoned beef that he was going to press into patties (he said what was in it, but can't remember... definitely no egg). He happily agreed to sell it to me by weight instead allowing me to make my own monster thick patties.

Pure awesomeness. The resultant burgers were so flavourful, and not just because of the spices. The meat held together nicely and the burger was super juicy.

I won't be buying ground beef anywhere else from now on.

2012 Jun 28
More on pink slime...

2012 Jun 28
I recently starting going here after seeing a Jamie Oliver video on the "pink slime" which food processing plants are allowed to add to pre-packaged hamburger (up to 15% of weight) Totally freaked me out.

Ivan grinds his own hamburger from steak daily and you can watch him do it fresh just for you if you ask. What a difference in taste! I had forgotten how real hamburger tastes :) All this at the same price as for the prepared stuff from the chain stores.

Worth the trip for this alone, but the rest of his food is exceptional as well. Agree with the other posts on the sandiches. Best deal in Ottawa.

2012 Apr 24
I go to a high school near by and had that giant sandwich for lunch today! It was fantastic! Pork loin schnittzel toped with sauted saurkraut and onions!
My dad used to go there when his dad ran the shop.They rented out the space for six years and when the tenent left Ivan told me he missed the buisness and jumped at the chanch to fallow in his dads foot steps.
He really is true to his european heritage and it shows in his food and fresh meat(its a butcher shop as well)My dad is now his customer!Going tommorow for the pulled pork BBQ special!
Great job Ivan and keep it up!!

2012 Apr 24
So I went today to get a sandwich. As it turns out, I did not buy one. They only had one left, and it was the biggest sandwich I Have ever seen. It would have fed two people easily and I did not want to waste half or possibly more of it. What I did buy were perogies and I just had 6 of them for my lunch. They are the best perogies I have ever had and well priced at 3.99 for a package of 8. I also bought some sausage and cabbage rolls and will post how they are after I have had them. The people there are fantastic, very friendly.



2016 Feb 7
Still an incredible weekday lunch deal here! $5.99 got me a delicious Sicilian sausage and peppers sandwich with homemade chicken noodle soup.

2015 Oct 10
This is truly one of the most amazing value lunches in the Ottawa area! The lunch special is $5.99 for a soup and any sandwich ($6.75 with tax). On my recent visit, the special sandwich was pork piccata and the soup was delicious vegetable with roast pork shoulder.

It feels exactly like going to your Polish grandmother's house for lunch, except she doesn't like you very much and packs your food to go. :D

2015 Jan 21
Just enjoyed this made-to-order BBQ Pork Sandwich (lean chunks of roast pork with choice of toppings on a good bun) with an extraordinarily delicious (but not photogenic) bowl of Cabbage Roll Soup for $5.99 + tax.

I seriously want to make a list of places offering meals that are: cheaper AND tastier AND more nutritious than fast food!

2012 May 23
If you're anywhere near Stittsville, there's no excuse to go to Subway and pay $5 for an inferior sandwich when you can get something like this roasted chicken one for $4.25!

They offer a pre-made special sandwich each day for $3.99 (plus tax). The day I went it was an amazing looking breaded pork cutlet.

2012 Apr 22
Simply the best! Something new every day.Last week I had grilled Beef Kabob with smokey BBQ sauce ,mayo,roasted red peppers,onions,and a smoked imported cheese!...YUM!